Knives Plus doesn't sell automatic knives by mail or over the internet. We do not have anything in particular against automatic knives, its just that there are too many laws to keep track of in order to legally sell them.

Boker doesn't import automatic knives into the US. It is against Federal Law to import a switchblade into the US. The items we sell are first quality and as advertised, they are not modified and illegal. If you have purchased an Automatic Boker Knife - it is a conversion or was illegally imported.

We emailed Boker and ask them to send us a statement of their policy on automatic knives, that we could show our customers. Below is the text of that letter


1/12/2006 - updated 7-30-2014

1550 Balsam Street
Lakewood, CO 80214-5917
Phone: (303) 462-0662 Fax:
(303) 462-0668

Dear Customer:

There is a Federal law that prohibits the importation of automatic knives. Boker USA strictly adheres to this law. We do not import, sell, or even repair automatic knives due to Colorado state law (laws regarding automatic knives vary by state).

Boker and Boker/Magnum knives are frequently converted into automatics by a third party, after they are purchased from Boker USA. There are distributors in the United States who sell the automatic (converted) models, but we are in no way involved in these alterations, nor do we provide the necessary parts for conversion.

Additionally, please note that any knife that has been altered in any way is no longer covered by the Boker warranty. Please feel free to contact Boker USA if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Customer Service


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