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Spyderco Modifications

Check out the Spyderco custom knife modifications we do in-house. Our modifications have grown significantly since the beginning and we wanted to get them on one page. You will see regrinds, ano jobs, acid wash, and others. New items are always being added so check the page frequently.

We offer some add-on services to customize your knife even more. The pricing on these is higher due to the added work involved. The pocket clips have black paint that must be removed then the acid stonewash and/or heat coloring can be applied. Heat coloring hardware is a straightforward process and can be done at home with a small propane torch. If you would like us to do it we charge a small fee. If you are curious how it is done, please call 800-687-6202 and a sales rep can walk you through the process so that you can be a modder yourself!!

Have Questions? Check out the Custom Mod and Add-On FAQ

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