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Forschner knives

Forschner knives, we carry a full line of Forschner knife products in stock at Knives Plus ®.

Forschner knives, they are commercial quality knives, great for housewives, hunters, small game processing, or full-scale butcher shops. Made in Switzerland by Victorinox. We carry a full selection of Forschner knives in various styles; Chef’s, pare, skinners, boners, slicers, and many other models.

Editor's Note: Forschner Knives have been and continue to be manufactured by Victorinox in Switzerland (unless notated). Recently, it has come to our attention that Victorinox no longer wishes to promote the name of Forschner. Neither the quality nor the value of the knives have changed. The only thing that has changed is the omitance of the name Forschner on the blade.


Why we sell Forschner knives

Before we began to sell kitchen and commercial knives, we sharpened them. We have a full line shop, where we have sharpened thousands of kitchen and commercial knives, all different brands, and all different styles of knives. We knew which ones would sharpen and take a good edge, because we had first hand knowledge of the different knives edge taking and holding characteristics.

When we decided to start carrying Kitchen knives, it was an easy decsion to choose Forschner. Forschner knives are well made, sharpen to a keen edge, and hold their edge well.

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