Ka-Bar knives: details of butt cap compression pin

KA-BAR butt cap and compression pins will not have a quality finish.
They tend to have flattened areas where the pin is peened into the butt cap.
They also will not normally have exactly matched color where the peened areas are repainted.
It is also normal for the paint to be missing, smeared, or only partially covering the pin.
This is not considered a defect, as almost 100% of the samples we looked at exhibit
one or more of these characteristics.

KABAR KNIVES, USMC fighting knives.

KA-Bar knives Butt cap compression pin detail.
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Ka-Bar knives: details of top swedge

KA-Bar tip swedge detail: Top view is sharpened and illustrates the old style swedge.
Bottom view is new style and illustrates the new unsharpened swedge.
KA-BAR is gradually changing the swedge style on all of the clip point combat knives.
The swedge change is a rolling change. Models with sharpened top swedges will
all eventually be replaced with unsharpened style.

KABAR knives Commemoratives.

KA-Bar knives swedge detail.
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