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Victorinox Pioneer Knife, Silver Alox, 0.8201.26 (was SKU 53960)

  • Victorinox Pioneer Knife, Silver Alox, 0.8201.26 (was SKU 53960)
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SKU: VN-0.8201.26
Optional Services / Add-onsWant all blades to shave? - $8.00

Knife is sharpened to a razor edge. This service is done on a 2" x 72" Burr King and finished on a Baldor buffer using a leather wheel. Blades are kept cool so overheating is not an issue. Please keep in mind that items that receive this service are non-refundable. If you feel we have made a mistake, please contact us and we will make it right.

 Laser Mark Your Knife - only $8.99
*Add-ons will delay shipment by 24-48 hours and are non-refundable (excluding installations).
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BRANDVictorinox Swiss Army Knives

Victorinox Knives: Victorinox Pioneer Knife, VN-0.8201.26

The Victorinox Pioneer Knife features a large blade, reamer, can opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener with large screwdriver and wire stripper. The ribbed Silver Alox handle, 3.5" closed, has a key ring and engraving panel on the back.

Victorinox Knives: Victorinox Pioneer Knife, VN-0.8201.26

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Average rating:
average rating 100%
5 reviews

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True Everyday Carry 03/15/2016
By Phil
I have carried a Pioneer since 1988. (This one is a retirement gift for a colleague.) It is the most useful, versatile, and practical knife that's also comfortable to carry, unlikely to violate any laws or ordinances, and not threatening to non-knife people. Placed in the same pocket as my wallet, it stays vertical and doesn't rub on my leg. It's the same as the one issued to the Swiss Army for decades, except it has a ring attached, which is useful for a lanyard. The tools are basic, but strong. The awl is great for starting screws in wood and dry wall, and the two screw drivers can handle most Phillips and flat head screws. The knife blade is thicker than on most SAKs and is just long enough to be useful for food prep. Mine has held up well over the years with minimal maintenance. If it becomes really dirty, just open it all up and put it in the dishwasher. Then oil its joints. Sharpening is easy, too. It's not sexy or tactical, but it sure is useful and easy to live with.
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Great all purpose pocket knife 07/16/2015
By Mitch
Received the knife as promised and as ordered. Good service. I would buy again from Knives Plus.

This knife was to replace the same model that I carried for 20+ years and lost recently. I like having all the extra tools and a single blade that holds a good edge. I also like having the metal handles vs. other materials. The all metal knife can take a lot abuse and last a life time, provided it is not lost or misplaced in a very safe place.

I recommend buying your next knife from Knives Plus
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Victorinox 53960 Pioneer 07/07/2018
By Don
When looking for a general purpose pocket knife, as an owner of several different Victorinox knifes, each having a specific use, I looked no further than Victorinox. I have had an older Electrician model which I keep in my electrical repair tool box, which led me to look at the Pioneer, being similar, no need to look further. An online search led me to Knives Plus, easy to use web page, very easy to use check out, and super quick delivery. Knives Plus will be my first stop for any future knife purchase.
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Excellent. Great quality. 07/18/2015
By Mark R
If you don't like the bulky leatherman style utility tools but need/want some of the tools, buy this slim but quality knife. Personally I like this over the Cadet because of the reamer. The ALOX handle screams quality and style. 5 stars.
average rating 100%
Pioneer 09/14/2015
By Michael Campton
It's nice, and its classy looking.God Bless.
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