FAQ: Gerber LMF II ASEK / Infantry

The LMF II comes in two different versions, the ASEK model and the Infantry model. Both knives have the same instruction sheet in the box. The instruction sheet shows the user how to rig the knives for different carrying options. The sheet shows one attachment method that illustrates the knife being affixed to a lower leg for ankle or calf carry. The header above this instruction set states:

Using the calf attachments. (LMF II ASEK only).

It seems no one is reading the ASEK only portion of the instructions. We have had several returns where the customer is upset that they only have one leg strap, of course they ordered Infantry models that only have one leg strap. Please be informed that the ASEK has two leg straps the Infantry has one leg strap.

Editors Note: 8-28-2007 Gerber has totally redesigned all of the LMF II knives the product insert / instructions really has nothing to do with the actual sheath configuration you will receive. When Gerber finalizes and standardizes their information we will redesign this FAQ. As it stand now everything is wrong - do not order these items if this is a problem.