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DMT Knife Sharpener, Bench Stones

DMT Knife Sharpener, Bench Stone Diamond Knife Sharpener Series includes 6" bench stone in choice of Extra Fine, Fine, Coarse or Extra Coarse grit, 8" bench stone in choice of Fine or Coarse grit, and innovative DuoSharp diamond knife sharpener: a double sided bench stone with Fine grit and Coarse grit side!

DMT Knife Sharpeners are diamond coated sharpeners with a distinctive hole break up pattern. The innovative pattern of recessed holes provides spaces into which metal filings may be cleared from the sharpening surface. It is a DMT innovation and trademark. DMT also uses single head Monocrystalline diamonds, which are more expensive than multi-head polycrystalline diamonds. These Monocrystalline diamonds are securely bonded in nickel, and then are electroplated onto the perforated stainless steel plate; all of which is supported by a lightweight fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate base. (DMT also offers inexpensive solid stainless steel plate knife sharpeners, without the hole break up pattern.)

Unlike a conventional knife sharpener, a DMT Sharpener stays perfectly flat for precise sharpening, won't develop grooves or hollows, and never needs dressing. They work perfectly well dry, but water may be used as a lubricant. Oil is not recommended.

A diamond knife sharpener is almost a requirement to cut and finish today's high-tech, high-chrome blade steels that can easily reach 60-62 Rockwell. If you have had a hard time sharpening stainless steel, and are currently using Arkansas or similar stones, switching to a diamond knife sharpener may solve your problem. Knives Plus ‚ has sold DMT knife sharpeners for 20 years, and can whole heartedly recommend them to all of our customers.

Color of the DMT knife sharpener designates diamond grit: Green indicates Extra Fine; 9 micron 1200 mesh, Red indicates Fine; 25 micron 600 mesh, Blue indicates Coarse; 45 micron 325 mesh, Black indicates Extra Coarse; 60 micron 220 mesh.

Applications for DMT knife sharpeners:

1. Use Extra Fine grit (Green) for final polishing of a knife edge after being sharpened on coarser stones. (Knives Plus ‚ recommends this stone for final razor edge polishing on CPM440V and S30V stainless steels.)

2. Use Fine grit (Red) to hone a knife edge that has been regularly maintained.

3. Use Coarse grit (Blue) for cutting tools, or to restore a knife edge on a dull blade. (We at Knives Plus ‚ do not consider this stone a coarse stone. Knives Plus ‚ designates this stone as a medium grit: use it for general field touch-up and sharpening.)

4. Use Extra Coarse grit (Black) for garden tools, axes, chisels, or lawnmower blades, or for rapid stock removal on damaged knife blades.

5. DMT sharpeners (1-3) can also be used to sharpen carbide router bits, saw blades, chisel edges, and to touch up chips in fine crystal glassware.