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Cold Steel Tomahawks and Special Forces Shovel

The Cold Steel Tomahawk line features drop forged 1055 carbon steel heads and they are great for throwing, reenactments, or camp chores. The Cold Steel Tomahawks include the Trail Hawk, Rifleman's Hawk, Frontier Hawk, Spike Hawk, Norse Hawk and Pipe Hawk with replaceable 22" American Hickory handles, the medievel style War Hammer with 30" hickory handle and steel langettes, the Vietnam Tomahawk, Axe Gang Hatchet, Trail Boss and Trench Hawk.
The Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel is modeled after the original Soviet Spetznaz shovel. The Spetznaz soldiers made up the most elite unit in the Soviet Army. The U.S. equivalent would be our Green Berets. The Cold Steel shovel head and socket are forged from medium carbon steel, then heat treated for maximum strength.

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