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WHAT'S NEW 04-14-2014

Al Mar Knives
Al Mar Hawk Ultralight Talon, Brown Micarta, AL-1002UBN2T
Al Mar Osprey Ultralight Knife, Brown Micarta, AL-1001UBN2

Boker Knives

Boker Mike Zulu Knife, BK-01EL170

Case Knives

Case Baby Butterbean, Smooth Chestnut Bone, CA-28708
Case CopperLock, Pocket Worn Harvest Orange Bone, CA-16998

KA-BAR Knives

KABAR Adventure Wharnstalker Knife, KA-5604
KABAR Snody Snake Charmer Knife, KA-5103
KABAR Warthog Folder, Part Serrated, KA-3073

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Cryo II, BlackWash Drop Point, KE-1556BW
Kershaw Cryo, BlackWash Drop Point, KE-1555BW
Kershaw Cryo, BlackWash Tanto, KE-1555TBW
Kershaw Knockout Knife, Olive Green, KE-1870OLBLK
Kershaw Scrambler Knife, BlackWash, KE-3890BW
Kershaw Thermite Knife, BlackWash, KE-3880BW

SOG Knives

SOG Flashback Mini, Drop Point, SG-SAT101

Spyderco Knives

Spyderco Endura, Limited Orange Bone Damascus, SP-C10JBOP
Spyderco Karahawk Knife, SP-C170GP

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Victorinox Classic SD Knife, Gadsden Flag, VN-53076
Victorinox Tinker Knife, Gadsden Flag, VN-58304

WHAT'S NEW 04-01-2014

Boker Knives
Boker Kwaiken Flipper Folder, BK-01BO295

Buck Knives

Buck General, Cocobola Dymondwood, BU-120BR
Buck Kalinga, Rosewood Dymondwood, BU-401RWS
Buck Pathfinder, Cocobola Dymondwood, BU-105BR
Buck Splizzors Tool, BU-30RDS
Buck Talus Knife, BU-316BKX
Buck Thorn Knife, Limited Edition, BU-17RWSLE

Case Knives

Case BackPocket Knife, Pocket Worn Old Red Bone, CA-10300
Case Equestrian's Knife, Yellow SS, CA-80163
Case Folding Hunter, Pocket Worn Harvest Orange Bone, CA-16999
Case Folding Hunter, Yellow CV, CA-735
Case Mother of Pearl Half Whittler Knife, CA-11930
Case Seahorse Whittler, Smooth Chestnut Bone, CA-28709
Case Stockman Knife, Pocket Worn Old Red Bone, CA-10301

Columbia River Knife and Tool

CRKT Eat'N Tool, Fuschia, CR-9100FC
CRKT Eat'N Tool, Tangerine, CR-9100TC
CRKT Eat'N Tool, Yellow, CR-9100YC
CRKT Eros SS Knife, Small, CR-K451XXP
CRKT Otanashi Noh Ken, Part Serrated, CR-2916
CRKT VASP Knife, Part Serrated, CR-7481

KA-BAR Knives

KABAR Adventure Parangatang Knife, KA-5603
KABAR Snody Big Boss Knife, KA-5102
KABAR Snody Boss Knife, KA-5101
KABAR TDI Hinderer Hell Fire Knife, KA-2486
KABAR TDI Hinderer Hinderance Knife, KA-2485

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Leek, Teal Aluminum, KE-1660TEAL
Kershaw LoneRock Fixed Blade, Large Gut Hook, KE-1896GH
Kershaw LoneRock Fixed Blade, Small, KE-1895
Kershaw LoneRock Folder, KE-1898
Kershaw LoneRock Folder, Gut Hook, KE-1898GH
Kershaw LoneRock ZipIt Pro, KE-1894

Lansky Knife Sharpeners

Lansky Curved Blade Hone Set, LK-HRSET
Lansky Curved Blade Hone, Coarse, LK-HR120
Lansky Curved Blade Hone, Medium, LK-HR280

Leatherman Tools

Leatherman Carabiner Tool, LE-930378
Leatherman Juice C2 Tool, Granite Gray, LE-831920
Leatherman Juice C2 Tool, Sunrise Yellow, LE-831918
Leatherman Juice CS4 Tool, Columbia Blue, LE-831921
Leatherman Juice CS4 Tool, Granite Gray, LE-831924
Leatherman Juice S2 Tool, Cinnabar Orange, LE-831925
Leatherman Juice S2 Tool, Granite Gray, LE-831928
Leatherman Juice XE6 Tool, Granite Gray, LE-831930
Leatherman Juice XE6 Tool, Moss Green, LE-831931

Schrade Knives

Schrade SCH306T Knife, Part Serrated, SC-306TS
Schrade SCHF22 Extreme Survival Boot Knife, SC-F22

Smiths Knife Sharpeners's

Smith's Adjustable Angle Pull Thru Sharpener, SM-50264
Smith's Axe and Machete Sharpener, SM-50118
Smith's Diamond Tri Hone, 6 Inch, SM-50380
Smith's Pocket Pal X2 Knife Sharpener, SM-50364

Spyderco Knives

Spyderco ClipiTool with Bottle Opener and Screwdriver, SP-C175P
Spyderco ClipiTool with Scissors, SP-C169P
Spyderco ClipiTool with Serrated Blade, SP-C176PS
Spyderco Stretch FRN, Limited Super Blue, SP-C90FPGYE

WHAT'S NEW 03-10-2014

Boker Knives
Boker Bandit Knife, BK-02BO371
Boker Black Bamboo Knife, Large, BK-01LL509
Boker Black Bamboo Knife, Small, BK-01LL508
Boker Bulldog Knife, BK-02BO246
Boker Colubris Knife, BK-02BO055
Boker Hunter Killer, BK-02BO620
Boker Plus Collection 2014 Knife, BK-02BO2014
Boker Ridgeback Knife, BK-02BO060
Boker Rold Scout, BK-02BO262
Boker Security Forces Knife, Spear Point, BK-01LL329
Boker Security Forces Knife, Tanto, BK-01LL328
Boker Squail, BK-01BO310
Boker Sunrise Knife, BK-01SC724
Boker Yurco, BK-02BO521

Columbia River Knife and Tool

CRKT Tighe Rod, CR-5265

Forschner Knives

Forschner Slicer, 10 Inch Granton Rosewood, FO-40142

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Blur, BlackWash, KE-1670BW
Kershaw Leek, BlackWash, KE-1660BLKW

Schrade Knives

Schrade Diamond Dust Sharpener, SC-CHDDS
Schrade SCH105 Knife, SC-105
Schrade SCH105 Knife, Part Serrated, SC-105S
Schrade SCH106 Knife, SC-106
Schrade SCH106 Knife, Part Serrated, SC-106S
Schrade SCH107 Knife, SC-107
Schrade SCH107 Knife, Part Serrated, SC-107S
Schrade SCH205 Knife, SC-205
Schrade SCH205 Knife, Part Serrated, SC-205S
Schrade SCH303M Knife, SC-303M
Schrade SCH303M Knife, Part Serrated, SC-303MS
Schrade SCH304M Knife, SC-304M
Schrade SCH304M Knife, Part Serrated, SC-304MS
Schrade SCH306T Knife, SC-306T
Schrade SCH307 Knife, SC-307
Schrade SCH502 Knife, SC-502
Schrade SCH502 Knife, Part Serrated, SC-502S
Schrade SCHF1 Extreme Survival Knife, SC-F1
Schrade SCHF1 Extreme Survival Knife, Small, SC-F1SM
Schrade SCHF13 Knife, SC-F13
Schrade SCHF14 Knife, SC-F14
Schrade SCHF19 Boot Knife, SC-F19
Schrade SCHF19 Boot Knife, Large, SC-F19L
Schrade SCHF19F Boot Knife, SC-F19F
Schrade SCHF19F Boot Knife, Large, SC-F19LF
Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Knife, SC-F2
Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Knife, Small, SC-F2SM
Schrade SCHF21 Extreme Survival Boot Knife, SC-F21

SOG Knives

SOG Double Key Tool, SG-KEY401
SOG Elite Entrenching Tool, SG-F19N
SOG Flashback Mini, Black Drop Point, SG-SAT102
SOG Kiku Fixed Blade, Large Black, SG-KU2012
SOG Kiku Fixed Blade, Large, SG-KU2011
SOG Kiku Fixed Blade, Small Black, SG-KU2002
SOG Kiku Fixed Blade, Small, SG-KU2001
SOG Spirit II Knife, SG-FS02N
SOG Zoom Knife, Black Drop Point, SG-ZM1012
SOG Zoom Knife, Drop Point, SG-ZM1011
SOG Zoom Mini, Black Drop Point, SG-ZM1002
SOG Zoom Mini, Drop Point, SG-ZM1001

Spyderco Knives

Spyderco Double Bevel, SP-C174GP
Spyderco Enuff, Sheepfoot Salt, SP-FB31SYL
Spyderco Ladybug3 FRN, Limited Super Blue, SP-LGYP3E
Spyderco Tusk, SP-C06TIP

WHAT'S NEW 03-03-2014

Boker Knives
Boker ADC Knife, BK-02YA105
Boker ADC Lightweight Knife, BK-02MB526
Boker Cutie Knife, BK-01RY972
Boker Ellipse Knife, BK-01RY142
Boker Epicenter, BK-01BO170
Boker Fast Forward Knife, BK-01LG015
Boker Flat Liner Knife, BK-01LL276
Boker Fortress Knife, BK-01SC933
Boker Foxtrot II Knife, BK-02SC157
Boker Lil Friend Arrowhead, BK-02SC754
Boker Lil Friend Micro, BK-02SC743
Boker Lil Friend, Clip Point, BK-02SC745
Boker Lil Friend, Tanto, BK-02SC741
Boker Radiant Knife, BK-01MB580N
Boker Rold Knife, Black, BK-02BO292
Boker Shadow Warrior Knife, BK-01YA251
Boker Steel Flash Knife, BK-01RY461
Boker Steelpower Knife, BK-01GL121
Boker Striker Knife, BK-02BO610
Boker Vintage I Knife, BK-01SC462
Boker Vintage II Knife, BK-01YA517
Boker Vintage III Knife, BK-01SC618
Boker Warden Knife, BK-01GL122

Buck Knives

Buck Gent Knife, American Flag, BU-525AFS
Buck Kalinga Knife Sheath Only, BU-401S
Buck Pathfinder Knife Sheath Only, Burgundy Leather, BU-105BRS
Buck Personal, BU-118
Buck Personal, Cocobola Dymondwood, BU-118BR

KA Bar Knives

KABAR G10 Mule Folder, Clip Point Part Serrated, KA-3063
KABAR G10 Mule Folder, Tanto Part Serrated, KA-3065
KABAR G10 Mule Folder, Tanto, KA-3064
KABAR KA-BARLEY Bottle Opener, KA-9907
KABAR Lake Effect Ice Scraper, KA-9906
KABAR Neck Knife, KA-1117
KABAR Playing Cards, KA-9914
KABAR Warthog Folder, KA-3072
KABAR Warthog Tanto Folder, Part Serrated, KA-3075
KABAR Zombie Zombro Knife, KA-2212

Spyderco Knives

Spyderco Chaparral, Stepped Titanium, SP-C152STIP

WHAT'S NEW 02-18-2014

Buck Knives
Buck Mini SpitFire, Gray, BU-726GYS
Buck Mini SpitFire, Green, BU-726GRS
Buck Mini SpitFire, Orange, BU-726ORS
Buck Personal Knife Sheath Only, Black Leather, BU-118S
Buck Personal Knife Sheath Only, Burgundy Leather, BU-118BRS
Buck Skinner Knife Sheath Only, Burgundy Leather, BU-103BRS
Buck Skinner, Cocobola Dymondwood, BU-103BR

Columbia River Knife and Tool
CRKT Chanceinhell Machete, CR-K910KKP
CRKT Drifter Knife, Large Part Serrated, CR-6461S
CRKT Drifter Knife, Large, CR-6451S
CRKT Fossil Knife, CR-5470
CRKT Fossil Knife, Black, CR-5471K
CRKT Fossil Knife, Small, CR-5460
CRKT Halfachance Parang, CR-K920KKP
CRKT Incendor Knife, CR-6870
CRKT Incendor Knife, Part Serrated, CR-6875
CRKT Keramin Knife, CR-2389
CRKT Obake Knife, CR-2367
CRKT Pazoda Knife, Large Part Serrated, CR-6491
CRKT Pazoda Knife, Large, CR-6481
CRKT RSK Mk6 Knife, CR-2381
CRKT Sweet KISS Knife, CR-2356
CRKT Synergist Knife, CR-2070

Ontario Knives
Ontario Bowie Survival, Spec Plus, QN-SP5

SOG Knives
SOG Flashback, Black Drop Point, SG-SAT002
SOG Flashback, Black Tanto, SG-SAT004
SOG Flashback, Drop Point, SG-SAT001
SOG Flashback, Tanto, SG-SAT003
SOG Kiku Folder, Large Black, SG-KU1012
SOG Kiku Folder, Large, SG-KU1011
SOG Kiku Folder, Small Black, SG-KU1002
SOG Kiku Folder, Small, SG-KU1001
SOG SOGfari Bolo Machete, SG-MC10N
SOG SOGfari Cutlass Machete, SG-MC12N
SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete, SG-MC11N

WHAT'S NEW 02-17-2014

Buck Knives

Buck 110 Folding Hunter, 50th Anniversary, BU-110BRS
Buck 110 Folding Hunter, Finger Grooved 50th Anniversary, BU-110BRSFG
Buck PakLite Field Master, Black with Camo Sheath, BU-141BKSVP1

Case Knive
Case Baby Butterbean, Deep Canyon Burnt Natural Bone, CA-71027
Case Baby Butterbean, Honeycomb Bone, CA-89084
Case Half Whittler, Deep Canyon Burnt Natural Bone, CA-71026
Case Mid Folding Hunter with Clip, American Workman, CA-13008
Case Peanut Knife, SparXX, CA-60188
Case Small Texas Toothpick, Kentucky Bluegrass, CA-13350
Case Sod Buster Jr, Amber Bone, CA-245
Case Sod Buster, Yellow CV, CA-38
Case Trapper, Bradford Goldenrod Bone, CA-16091
Case Trapper, Deep Canyon Burnt Natural Bone, CA-71020
Case Trapper, Honeycomb Bone, CA-89080 SOLD OUT
Case Trapper, Winterbottom Ginger Ale, CA-58591

Columbia River Knife and Tool
CRKT Swindle, Grooved, CR-K241XXP

Kershaw Knives
Kershaw Dimension, KE-3810

Leatherman Tools
Leatherman OHT, Black with Brown Sheath, LE-831633
Leatherman OHT, Coyote Tan with Black Sheath, LE-831632
Leatherman OHT, Coyote Tan with Brown Sheath, LE-831634
Leatherman Rebar Sheath Only, Nylon, LE-930381

Spyderco Knives
Spyderco Bandana, SP-BAND1
Spyderco Finch2 G10 Knife, SP-BY11GP2
Spyderco Hungarian Folder, SP-C173GP
Spyderco Sage3, Carbon Fiber G10, SP-C123CFBAP
Spyderco Utility Knife, Black Handle, SP-K04PBK
Spyderco Utility Knife, Serrated with Black Handle, SP-K04SBK
Spyderco Utility Knife, Serrated with Blue Handle, SP-K04SBL

WHAT'S NEW 12-13-2013

CRKT Knives

CRKT Survival Para Saw Bracelet, Large Black, CR-9300KL
CRKT Survival Para Saw Bracelet, Large OD, CR-9300DL
CRKT Survival Para Saw Bracelet, Large Tan, CR-9300TL

Spyderco Knives
Spyderco Cricket, Blue Nishijin, SP-C29GFBLP
Spyderco Limited Dyad Knife, Gray G10, SP-C44GPSGY
Spyderco Limited Lava Knife, Blue G10, SP-C110GPBL

WHAT'S NEW 12-03-2013

Boker Knives

Boker Trapper, Smooth Brown Bone, BK-2525SBB

Buck Knives
Buck Guide, Boone and Crockett, BU-121BKSBC

Kershaw Knives
Kershaw Scrambler, KE-3890

Spyderco Knives
Spyderco Native5 Knife, Fluted Titanium, SP-C41TIFP5

WHAT'S NEW 11-26-2013

Al Mar Knives

Al Mar Eagle Heavy Duty, Earth Brown ZDP, AL-5HDETZL

Spyderco Knives

Spyderco Delica4 Knife, Limited Super Blue, SP-C11FPGYE
Spyderco Endura4 Knife, Limited Super Blue, SP-C10FPGYE
Spyderco Military Knife, Limited Gray G10, SP-C36GPGY SOLD OUT

WHAT'S NEW 11-05-2013

Boker Knives

Boker Arbolito El Trampero Ciervo, BK-02BA575H

Buck Knives

Buck Folding Omni Hunter, 10PT Mossy Oak Blaze, BU-395CMS9

Case Knives
Case Trapper, Case Zippo 20th Anniversary, CA-20200

Cold Steel Knives
Cold Steel Smatchet, CS-97SMATS

Gerber Knives
Gerber Cohort, GB-30000645
Gerber Mini Outrigger, GB-30000688
Gerber Uppercut, GB-30000972

Kershaw Knives
Kershaw Cryo II, KE-1556TI
Kershaw Thermite, KE-3880

Outdoor Edge Knives
Outdoor Edge Razor Blade Set, OE-RR6
Outdoor Edge Razor Blaze, OE-RB20
Outdoor Edge Razor Lite, OE-RL10

Spyderco Knives
Spyderco Equilibrium, SP-C166P
Spyderco Manix2 XL, Black, SP-C95GPBBK2

WHAT'S NEW 10-21-2013

Case Knives

Case Panama Trapper, Blue Lagoon Bone, CA-24801
Case Peanut, Blue Lagoon Bone, CA-24803
Case Stockman, Blue Lagoon Bone, CA-24802
Case Trapper, Blue Lagoon Bone, CA-24800

Cold Steel Knives
Cold Steel Best Pal, Plain Edge, CS-43XL
Cold Steel Best Pal, Single Side Serrated Edge, CS-43XLS

Columbia River Knife and Tool
CRKT Moxie, Black and Gray Handle, CR-1102
CRKT Moxie, Black and Green Handle, CR-1101
CRKT Moxie, Black Handle, CR-1100
CRKT Tighe Coon, CR-5270
CRKT Tighe Dye, CR-5280

Kershaw Knives
Kershaw Camp 14, KE-1076
Kershaw Camp 18, KE-1074
Kershaw Swerve, KE-3850

Spyderco Knives
Spyderco Domino Knife, SP-C172CFTIP
Spyderco Dragonfly2 Lightweight, Orange, SP-C28POR2
Spyderco Laci Szabo Folder, Black, SP-C146CFBBKP
Spyderco Limited Jot Singh Khalsa, SP-C40GP

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives
Victorinox Classic SD, Limited Back 2 School, VN-L1310US2
Victorinox Classic SD, Limited Blob, VN-L1309US2
Victorinox Classic SD, Limited Blue Mist, VN-L1307US2
Victorinox Classic SD, Limited Flip to Decide, VN-L1305US2
Victorinox Classic SD, Limited Heads Up, VN-L1304US2
Victorinox Classic SD, Limited Iron Factory, VN-L1302US2
Victorinox Classic SD, Limited Little Birds, VN-L1306US2
Victorinox Classic SD, Limited Matrioshka, VN-L1301US2

WHAT'S NEW 9-11-2013

Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Peace Maker II, CS-20PBL

KA-BAR Knives
KABAR TDI Law Enforcement Master Key, KA-2484

Kershaw Knives
Kershaw Freefall, KE-3840
Kershaw Injection 3.0, KE-3820
Kershaw Injection 3.5, KE-3830
Kershaw Shuffle, KE-8700

Old Timer Knives
Old Timer Bowie Knife, SC-PROM133CP SOLD OUT

WHAT'S NEW 08-20-2013

Cold steel Knives
Cold Steel Peace Maker III, CS-20PBS
Cold Steel Royal Kukri Machete, CS-97KMIGS

Cold Steel Two Handed Katana Machete Sheath Only, Large, CS-SC97THKL SOLD OUT
Gerber Knives
Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade, GB-31001683
Bear Grylls Ultra Compact Fixed Blade, GB-31001516
Gerber Contrast AO, GB-30000643
Gerber Contrast AO, Part Serrated, GB-30000784
Gerber Counterpart, GB-30000647
Gerber Myth Fixed Blade Saw, GB-31002094
Gerber Outrigger XL, GB-30000690
Gerber Outrigger, GB-30000689
Gerber Outrigger, Part Serrated, GB-30000707

Sog Knives
SOG Revolver 2.0, Hunt, SG-FX22L

WHAT'S NEW 07-23-2013

Almar Knives

Al Mar Eagle Heavy Duty, Serial Numbered Earth Brown ZDP, AL-5HDETZLSN SOLD OUT

Becker Knife and Tool
Becker Crewman Knife, BKT-10

Boker Knives
Boker Kwaiken Folder, BK-01BO291
Boker Minibar Tool, BK-150023

Buck Knives
Buck Family Traditions Adrenaline, Pro, BU-498RWSHH SOLD OUT

Columbia River Knife and Tool
CRKT Carajas Knife, CR-5340
CRKT Survival Para Saw Bracelet, Black, CR-9300KS
CRKT Survival Para Saw Bracelet, OD, CR-9300DS
CRKT Survival Para Saw Bracelet, Tan, CR-9300TS

Old Timer Knives
Mariner Old Timer Knife, SC-735OT
Trapper Old Timer Knife, SC-296OT

Outdoor Edge Knives
Outdoor Edge Skin n Blaze, OE-BZ10C
Outdoor Edge Wild Pak, OE-WP2

Silver Stag Knives
Silver Stag Backwoods Pro, Slab Handle, SS-BWP30
Silver Stag Bird and Trout, Elk Stick, SS-BT40ES
Silver Stag Gamer, Elk Stick Tool Steel, SS-SS30ES
Silver Stag Skinner, Elk Stick Tool Steel, SS-SS45ES

Spyderco Knives
Spyderco Delica4 Titanium Damascus, SP-C11TIPD
Spyderco ManBug Lightweight, ZDP189, SP-MGREP

Timberline Knives
Timberline Wall Street Tactical, TM-8213

Uncle Henry Knives
Uncle Henry Folding Fillet, SC-169UH

WHAT'S NEW 07-19-2013

Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Code 4, Clip Point, CS-58TPC
Cold Steel Code 4, Spear Point Part Serrated, CS-58TPSH
Cold Steel Code 4, Tanto, CS-58TPT
Cold Steel Talwar, Extra Large Serrated, CS-21TTXLS
Cold Steel Talwar, Extra Large, CS-21TTXL
Cold Steel Two Handed Katana Machete, Large, CS-97THKL
Cold Steel Warcraft Tanto, CS-13TL

Timberline Knives
Timberline Chui Knife, TM-6510
Timberline Folding Knife Sheath, Large Black, TM-20020
Timberline Folding Knife Sheath, Large Coyote Tan, TM-20030
Timberline Simba Knife, TM-6515

WHAT'S NEW 07-08-2013

Boker Knives

Boker Collection 2013 Knife, BK-02BO2013
Boker Magnum Skull Folder, BK-01RY078
Boker Nano Knife, Black Handle, BK-01BO600
Boker Nano Z Knife, BK-01BO599
Boker Subcom Z Knife, BK-01BO594
Boker Urban Survival Knife, Camo, BK-01BO047CAMO

Cold Steel Knives
Cold Steel All Terrain Chopper, CS-97TMSTS
Cold Steel Barong Machete, CS-97BAM18S
Cold Steel Bowie Spike, CS-53NBS
Cold Steel Drop Point Spike, CS-53NCC
Cold Steel Tokyo Spike, CS-53NHS

KABAR Knives
KABAR Adventure Gamestalker Knife, KA-5602
KABAR TDI Self Defense Cane, KA-9406

Kershaw Knives
Kershaw Taskmaster Saw, KE-2555

SOG Knives
SOG Backcountry Axe, SG-F17N
SOG Base Camp Axe, SG-F16N
SOG Key File, SG-KEY302

Spyderco Knives
Spyderco Lum Tanto, Limited Burgundy Paperstone, SP-FB03BRGP SOLD OUT

WHAT'S NEW 06-05-2013

Case Knives

Case Medium Stockman, Carved Antique Bone, CA-31743
Case Mini Trapper, Carved Antique Bone, CA-31745 SOLD OUT
Case RussLock, Carved Antique Bone, CA-31741 SOLD OUT
Case Trapper, Carved Antique Bone, CA-31740

Cold Steel Knives
Cold Steel Code 4, Clip Point Part Serrated, CS-58TPCH
Cold Steel Hide Out, CS-49NDE
Cold Steel XL Recon 1, Clip Point, CS-27TXLC
Cold Steel XL Recon 1, Tanto, CS-27TXLT

Columbia River Knife and Tool
CRKT Kangee T-Hawk, CR-2725

Gill Hibben Knives
Hibben The Expendables 2 Legionnaire Bowie, GH-5037

Lansky Knife Sharpeners
Lansky Hammerhead Knife Sharpener, LK-HH01

Leatherman Tools
Leatherman Raptor Tool, LE-831741

Spyderco Knives
Spyderco Cricket Tattoo, SP-C29PT
Spyderco Goddard Lightweight, Limited Olive Drab, SP-C16POD SOLD OUT
Spyderco Puukko, SP-FB28GBNP
Spyderco Squeak, Pink, SP-C154PPN

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives
Victorinox Hunter Pro with Pouch, VN-94103US2

WHAT'S NEW 05-23-2013

Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Code 4, Spear Point, CS-58TPS

Columbia River Knife and Tool
CRKT Endorser, Black Blade, CR-1105K
CRKT Endorser, Satin Blade, CR-1105
CRKT Ripple, Bronze Part Serrated, CR-K406BXS
CRKT Shenanigan, Realtree Xtra Camo, CR-K480CXP
CRKT Shenanigan, Realtree Xtra Green Camo, CR-K481CXP

WHAT'S NEW 05-17-2013

Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Marauder, CS-39LSWB

KA-BAR Knives
KABAR Zombie Swabbie Knife, KA-5706

SOG Knives
SOG HuntsPoint Boning Knife, SG-HT021L
SOG HuntsPoint Skinner, SG-HT011L
SOG Key Scissors, SG-KEY202

Spyderco Knives
Spyderco Matriarch2 Emerson Opener, SP-C12SBK2W

WHAT'S NEW 05-06-2013

AccuSharp Knife Sharpeners
AccuSharp Diamond Pro 2 Step Knife Sharpener, AS-17

Boker Knives

Boker Folding Hunter, Stag, BK-111021HH SOLD OUT
Boker Medium Stockman, Washboard Brown Bone, BK-7588WBB

Columbia River Knife and Tool

CRKT Ripple 2, Bronze, CR-K401BXP

Flitz Polish

Flitz Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner, FL-81585

Ontario Knives

Ontario Morta Knife, QN-8727

SOG Knives

SOG Flash Rescue Knife, Black, SG-TFSA6
SOG HuntsPoint Boning Knife, Rosewood S30V, SG-HT023L
SOG HuntsPoint Skinner, Rosewood S30V, SG-HT013L
SOG Snarl, SG-JB01K

WHAT'S NEW 04-30-2013

Bear Grylls Knives
Bear Grylls Compact Parang, GB-31002072

Benchmade Knives

Benchmade Bushcrafter, BM-162

Boker Knives

Boker Copperhead, Jigged Red Bone, BK-2626JRB

Buck Knives

Buck Folding Omni Hunter, 10PT Xtra Green Camo, BU-395CMS20
Buck General, Boone and Crockett, BU-120BKSBCLE
Buck Hood Thug, BU-70BKSBH
Buck Omni Hunter, 12PT Gut Hook Xtra Green Camo, BU-393CMG20
Buck SpitFire, Green, BU-722GRS1
Buck SpitFire, Orange, BU-722ORS1
Buck SpitFire, Part Serrated Green, BU-722GRX1
Buck SpitFire, Part Serrated Orange, BU-722ORX1
Buck Stockman, Rosewood Dymondwood, BU-301RWS

Case Knives

Case Mid Folding Hunter with Clip, Pocket Worn Bermuda Green, CA-9771

Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Bowie Machete, CS-97BWM12S
Cold Steel Bushman, CS-95BUSK
Cold Steel Code 4, Tanto Part Serrated, CS-58TPTH
Cold Steel Talwar, Large Serrated, CS-21TTLS
Cold Steel Talwar, Large, CS-21TTL

Columbia River Knife and Tool

CRKT Carajas Knife, Part Serrated, CR-5341
CRKT Swindle, Flat, CR-K240XXP

Gerber Knives

Gerber Gator Bolo Machete, GB-31002076
Gerber Gator Kukri Machete, GB-31002074

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Funxion Outdoor, OD, KE-8000OL

SOG Knives

SOG Fling Triple Set, SG-FX41N
SOG Growl, SG-JB02K
SOG HuntsPoint Boning Knife, Rosewood, SG-HT022L
SOG HuntsPoint Skinner, Rosewood, SG-HT012L
SOG Key Knife, SG-KEY102
SOG SlimJim Tanto, SG-SJ33
SOG Tangle Knife, SG-FX31K
SOG Tangle Knife, Black, SG-FX32K
SOG Twitch II, Rosewood, SG-TWI17
SOG Twitch XL, Rosewood, SG-TWI24

Spyderco Knives

Spyderco Pingo, SP-C163PBK
Spyderco Rescue3 Lightweight, SP-C14SBK3

WHAT'S NEW 04-05-2013

Boker Knives
Boker Medallion Knife, Mother of Pearl, BK-111061

Buck Knives

Buck Folding Alpha Hunter, S30V, BU-277RWS1
Buck General Knife Sheath Only, Boone and Crockett, BU-120BCS
Buck Guide Knife Sheath Only, Boone and Crockett, BU-121BCS
Buck Omni Hunter, 10PT Xtra Green Camo, BU-390CMS20
Buck Solitaire, Rosewood Dymondwood, BU-302RWS

Case Knives

Case Mini CopperLock Knife, SparXX, CA-60185

Columbia River Knife and Tool

CRKT Hammond FE7 Knife, CR-2208
CRKT Hammond FE9 Knife, CR-2210
CRKT Lerch Enticer, CR-1060
CRKT Lerch Enticer, Part Serrated, CR-1061
CRKT Otanashi Noh Ken, CR-2906
CRKT Persian Folder, CR-7470
CRKT Ripple 2, Gray, CR-K401GXP
CRKT Ripple, Bronze, CR-K406BXP
CRKT Ripple, Gray Part Serrated, CR-K406GXS
CRKT Ripple, Gray, CR-K406GXP

United Cutlery

M48 Apocalypse Karambit, UC-2951
M48 Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk, UC-2946
M48 Tactical Shovel, UC-2979

Ontario Knives

Ontario RAT II Folder, QN-8860
Ontario RAT II Folder, Black Blade, QN-8861
Ontario RAT II Folder, Pink, QN-8862

S&W Homeland Security, Clip Point, SW-CKSUR4N

WHAT'S NEW 04-01-2013

Gerber Knives
Bear Grylls Parang, GB-31002289

Becker Knife and Tool
Becker Campanion Knife with Polyester Sheath, BKT-22
Becker Campanion Polyester Sheath Only, BKT-22S
Becker D'Eskabar Knife, BKT-24
Short Becker Knife Handle Kit Only, BKT-16HNDL

Boker Knives
Boker JTN Knife, BK-120635
Boker Rambler, Stag, BK-BO183

Buck Knives
Buck Alpha Dorado, S30V, BU-271RWS1
Buck Alpha Hunter, BU-694RWS SOLD OUT
Buck Alpha Hunter, Guthook, BU-693RWG SOLD OUT
Buck Bones Knife, Gray, BU-870SSX
Buck Bones Knife, Small Gray, BU-869SSS
Buck Cadet, Rosewood Dymondwood, BU-303RWS
Buck Duke, Rosewood Dymondwood, BU-500RWS
Buck Endeavor, BU-622BKX
Buck Frontiersman Knife Sheath Only, BU-124S
Buck Intrepid L, BU-625BKS
Buck Intrepid L, Reaper Black, BU-625CMS13
Buck Intrepid XL, BU-626BKS
Buck Intrepid XL, Reaper Black, BU-626CMS13
Buck Mini Alpha Hunter, S30V, BU-196RWS1
Buck Nano Bantam, Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo, BU-283CMS4
Buck Omni Hunter, 12PT Xtra Green Camo, BU-392CMS20
Buck Reaper Knife, Reaper Black, BU-620CMS13
Buck Reaper Knife, Viper Snakeskin, BU-620CMS15
Buck Sentry, BU-822BKX
Buck SpitFire, Gray, BU-722GYS1
Buck SpitFire, Part Serrated Gray, BU-722GYX1
BuckLite Max Knife, Large Gut Hook Orange, BU-679ORG
BuckLite Max Knife, Large Orange, BU-679ORS
BuckLite Max Knife, Small Orange, BU-673ORS

Case Knives
Case Folding Hunter, Chestnut Bone CV, CA-7013
Case Large Stockman, Stag, CA-10400
Case Large Stockman, Yellow CV, CA-203
Case Medium Stockman with Punch, Amber Bone CV, CA-264
Case Medium Stockman with Punch, Yellow CV, CA-54
Case Medium Stockman, Dark Red CV, CA-6995
Case Medium Stockman, Pocket Worn Old Red Bone, CA-6692
Case Mid Folding Hunter, Pocket Worn Old Red Bone, CA-6691
Case Mini Copperhead, Mother of Pearl, CA-11926
Case Muskrat, Black G10, CA-6244
Case RussLock with Clip, Pocket Worn Bermuda Green, CA-9743
Case RussLock with Clip, Pocket Worn Harvest Orange, CA-7325
Case Sowbelly, Pocket Worn Bermuda Green Bone, CA-9769
Case Sowbelly, Pocket Worn Harvest Orange Bone, CA-7324
Case Tiny Trapper, Pocket Worn Bermuda Green Bone, CA-9742
Case Trapper Knife, Whitetail, CA-10440
Case TrapperLock with Clip, Amber Bone CV, CA-30024
Case TrapperLock with Clip, Antique Bone, CA-31731
Case TrapperLock with Clip, Stag Rancher CV, CA-58149 SOLD OUT

Cold Steel Knives
Cold Steel Bushman, Bowie Blade, CS-95BBUSK
Cold Steel Tanto Spike, CS-53NCT
Cold Steel Trench Hawk Trainer, CS-92BKPTH

KABAR Knives
KABAR 115th Anniversary Knife, US Army, KA-9177
KABAR 115th Anniversary Knife, USMC, KA-9178
KABAR 115th Anniversary Knife, USN, KA-9179
KABAR Dozier Big Easy, KA-4084
KABAR Dozier Folding Hunter, Zombie Green, KA-4062ZG
KABAR Dozier Folding Thumb Notch, Zombie Green, KA-4065ZG
KABAR Mark I Knife, Leather Handle, KA-2225
KABAR Mark I Knife, Part Serrated Leather Handle, KA-2226
KABAR Mini Dozier Folder, Zombie Green, KA-4072ZG
KABAR Mule Knife Sheath Only, Black Zombie, KA-3058S
KABAR Zombie Zomstro Knife, KA-5705

Kershaw Knives
Kershaw Blur, Part Serrated Red, KE-1670RDBLKST
Kershaw Echelon Knife, KE-1880
Kershaw Funxion DIY, Red, KE-8200RD
Kershaw Leek, Olive Drab Aluminum, KE-1660OL
Kershaw Leek, Orange Aluminum, KE-1660OR
Kershaw Leek, Purple Aluminum, KE-1660PUR
Kershaw Leek, Stonewash, KE-1660SWBLK
Kershaw Scallion, Navy Blue Aluminum, KE-1620NB
Kershaw Scallion, Olive Drab Aluminum, KE-1620OL
Kershaw Scallion, Purple Aluminum, KE-1620PUR

Ontario Knives
Ontario Camo Folder, QN-8799
Ontario Decima Knife, QN-8747
Ontario Hunter Pack, QN-8789
Ontario Nona Knife, QN-8743

SOG Knives
SOG SOGfari Machete, Small Tanto, SG-MC04N

Spyderco Knives
Spyderco Lanyard with Pewter Bead, Round, SP-BEAD2LY

United Cutlery
Marine Force Recon Sawback Bowie, UC-2863 SOLD OUT
Undercover Hornet Karambit Knife, UC-2933

WHAT'S NEW 03-15-2013

Boker Knives
Boker Magnum Grandpa, BK-LL210
Boker Toucan, BK-BO282

Case Knives

Case Cheetah, Kentucky Bluegrass, CA-13344
Case Cheetah, Magenta Bone, CA-60434 SOLD OUT
Case CopperLock, Navy Blue Bone, CA-7064
Case CopperLock, Orange Peel Bone, CA-12833 SOLD OUT
Case CopperLock, Silver Script Goldenrod Bone, CA-10129 SOLD OUT
Case Folding Hunter, Amber Bone Rancher CV, CA-58173
Case Humpback Half Whittler, Slanted Bolster Dark Red Bone, CA-51371
Case John Wayne Trapper, Dark Red Bone, CA-10682 SOLD OUT
Case Large Stockman, Amber Bone Rancher CV, CA-58172
Case Lockback, Pink Camo, CA-18321
Case Medium Stockman, Amber Bone Rancher CV, CA-58174
Case Medium Stockman, Kentucky Bluegrass, CA-13343 SOLD OUT
Case Medium Stockman, Kentucky Bluegrass, CA-13347 SOLD OUT
Case Medium Stockman, Magenta Bone, CA-60432
Case Medium Stockman, Navy Blue Bone, CA-7063
Case Medium Stockman, Orange Peel Bone, CA-12835
Case Medium Stockman, Slanted Bolster Dark Red Bone, CA-51372
Case Medium Stockman, SparXX, CA-60187
Case Mid Folding Hunter, Gray Bone, CA-13018
Case Mini Trapper, Orange Peel Bone, CA-12837
Case Mini Trapper, Pink Camo, CA-18319
Case Mini Trapper, SparXX, CA-60186
Case Muskrat, Amber Bone Rancher CV, CA-58177
Case Peanut with Bail, Orange Peel Bone, CA-12831 SOLD OUT
Case Peanut with Scissors and Bail, Magenta Bone, CA-60431 SOLD OUT
Case Peanut, Kentucky Bluegrass, CA-13345
Case Peanut, Pink Camo, CA-18320
Case Slimline Trapper, Orange Peel Bone, CA-12839 SOLD OUT
Case Small Stockman, Magenta Bone, CA-60436 SOLD OUT
Case Small Stockman, Orange Peel Bone, CA-12834 SOLD OUT
Case Small Texas Toothpick, Magenta Bone, CA-60435
Case Small Texas Toothpick, Orange Peel Bone, CA-12832 SOLD OUT
Case Small Texas Toothpick, Slanted Bolster Dark Red Bone, CA-51374 SOLD OUT
Case Small Texas Toothpick, SparXX, CA-60180
Case Trapper, Amber Bone Rancher CV, CA-58171
Case Trapper, Dark Molasses Bone, CA-52840
Case Trapper, Kentucky Bluegrass, CA-13342
Case Trapper, Magenta Bone, CA-60430 SOLD OUT
Case Trapper, Orange Peel Bone, CA-12830 SOLD OUT
Case Trapper, Pink Camo, CA-18318
Case Trapper, Silver Script Goldenrod Bone, CA-10128
Case Trapper, Slanted Bolster Dark Red Bone, CA-51370 SOLD OUT
Case TrapperLock with Clip, Amber Bone Rancher CV, CA-58176
Case TrapperLock, Slanted Bolster Dark Red Bone, CA-51376
Case TrapperNut, Slanted Bolster Dark Red Bone, CA-51375
Case Tuxedo, Orange Peel Bone, CA-12838 SOLD OUT

Columbia River Knife and Tool

CRKT Stokes Keychain Sharpener, CR-9096

EZE-LAP Knife Sharpeners

EZE-LAP Diamond and Ceramic Knife Sharpener, EZ-CD4
EZE-LAP EZE EDGE Carbide Sharpener, EZ-EE01
EZE-LAP EZE-Fold Diamond and Ceramic Knife Sharpener, EZ-530

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Camp 10, KE-1077
Kershaw Funxion DIY, Gray, KE-8200GRY SOLD OUT
Kershaw Funxion Outdoor, Gray, KE-8000GRY

WHAT'S NEW 02-29-2013

Buck Knives
Buck Alpha Crosslock, BU-183ORS SOLD OUT
Buck Alpha Dorado, BU-270RWS
Buck Alpha Hunter, S30V Drop Point, BU-194RWS SOLD OUT
Buck Alpha Hunter, S30V Guthook, BU-193RWG SOLD OUT
Buck Companion, Rosewood Dymondwood, BU-309RWS
Buck Folding Alpha Hunter, S30V Guthook, BU-276RWG1
Buck Folding BuckLite MAX, Large Orange, BU-486ORS SOLD OUT
Buck Folding BuckLite MAX, Medium Orange, BU-482ORS SOLD OUT
Buck Folding BuckLite MAX, Small Orange, BU-484ORS SOLD OUT
Buck Folding Omni Hunter, 12PT Gut Hook Xtra Green Camo, BU-398CMG20
Buck Folding Omni Hunter, 12PT Xtra Green Camo, BU-397CMS20
Buck Lancer, Rosewood Dymondwood, BU-305RWS
Buck Mini Alpha Hunter, BU-195RWS
Buck Mini Trapper, Woodgrain Handle, BU-382BRS
Buck Toothpick, Woodgrain Handle, BU-385BRS

United Cutlery
Marine Force Recon Tanto, Black Handle, UC-2830
Marine Force Recon Tanto, Camo Handle, UC-2831
Folding Survival Shovel, UC-8017
Hibben The Expendables 2 Toothpick, GH-5038
Honshu Boshin Bowie, UC-2935
Honshu Push Dagger, Large, UC-2867
Honshu Push Dagger, Small, UC-2868
Kit Rae AirCobra Throwing Knife Triple Set, Large, KR-61
Lightning Bolt Throwing Knife Triple Set, UC-2833
Special Agent Stinger Stiletto, UC-2752B
Tactical Defense Pen, Pink, UC-2894
Tailwind Atomic Steel Folder, Rainbow, UC-2913 SOLD OUT
Tailwind Atomic Steel Folder, Tanto, UC-2911

Ontario Knives
Ontario Ranger Bush Knife, RBS-9 Tan Micarta, QN-9446TM SOLD OUT

Remington Knives
Remington Bullet - 2013 The Forester, RM-R1303

Spyderco Knives
Limited Spyderco Caly3, Dove Gray G10, SP-C113GPGY SOLD OUT
Spyderco Enuff, Leaf Blade, SP-FB31PBK
Spyderco Nilakka, SP-C164GPBN
Spyderco Southard Folder, SP-C156GPBN

Timberline Knives
Timberline Ceramic Folder, Aluminum, TM-8010
Timberline Ceramic Folder, Carbon Fiber, TM-8016
Timberline Ceramic Folder, Small Aluminum, TM-8012
Timberline Ceramic Folder, Small Carbon Fiber, TM-8014

Victorinox Knives
Limited Victorinox Classic SD, Electro Love, VN-53121 SOLD OUT
Limited Victorinox Classic SD, Labyrinth, VN-53122
Limited Victorinox Classic SD, Magnolia, VN-53123 SOLD OUT
Limited Victorinox Classic SD, Romantic Modern, VN-53126 SOLD OUT
Limited Victorinox Classic SD, Sneakers, VN-53120
Limited Victorinox Classic SD, Spread Your Wings, VN-53128 SOLD OUT
Limited Victorinox Classic SD, White Shadow, VN-53124 SOLD OUT
Limited Victorinox Classic SD, Yustaposed, VN-53129 SOLD OUT
Victorinox Hunter XT, Orange, VN-MC9US2

WHAT'S NEW 02-28-2013

Benchmade Knives
Benchmade Emissary, Black, BM-4701

Boker Knives
Boker Apparo Knife, BK-02BO001
Boker Bushcraft, BK-BO296
Boker Exodus, BK-BO520
Boker Folding Hunter, Brown Bone, BK-273BB
Boker Folding Hunter, Faux Tortoise, BK-273T
Boker Gentleman's Lockback, White Bone, BK-250WB
Boker Magnum Baron, BK-EL011
Boker Magnum Code Gray, BK-MB103
Boker Magnum Desert Mission, BK-GL006
Boker Magnum Jungle Mission, BK-GL005
Boker Magnum Premium Camper, BK-01SC010
Boker Magnum Slim Rainbow, BK-MB120
Boker Magnum Twister, BK-RY149
Boker Magyar, BK-BO281
Boker Mega Mini, BK-BO258
Boker Mini Kalashnikov, Black Tanto, BK-KALS73BT SOLD OUT
Boker Mini Kalashnikov, Part Serrated Black Drop Point, BK-KALS73B SOLD OUT
Boker Mini Kalashnikov, Part Serrated Black Tanto, BK-KALS73BTS SOLD OUT
Boker Mini Vanquish, BK-BO150
Boker Nano Knife, BK-BO597
Boker Plus Optima, Black Handle, BK-BO103
Boker Plus Optima, Orange Handle, BK-BO104
Boker Profi I Throwing Knife Set, BK-GL193
Boker Relincho Cuerno De Ciervo, BK-BA303H
Boker Relincho Madera, BK-BA303G
Boker Subcom Dawn, BK-BO579
Boker Subcom Dusk, BK-BO576

Columbia River Knife and Tool
CRKT Chogan T-Hawk, CR-2720
CRKT Eat'N Tool XL, Bead Blast, CR-9110C
CRKT Eat'N Tool XL, Black, CR-9110KC
CRKT FE9 Trainer, CR-2210T
CRKT Foresight Knife, CR-K220KKP
CRKT Foresight Knife, Part Serrated, CR-K220KKS
CRKT K.E.R.T. Tool, CR-2055
CRKT Redemption Knife, CR-K100KKP
CRKT Sakimori Knife, CR-2913

Spyderco Knives
Limited Spyderco Calypso, SP-C54GPBN SOLD OUT

SOG Knives
SOG Tech Bowie, SG-S10BK
SOG Voodoo Hawk, SG-F18N

Spyderco Knives
Spyderco Dragonfly Wood Knife Kit, SP-WDKIT1
Spyderco Enuff, Clip Point, SP-FB31CPBK
Spyderco Enuff, Sheepfoot, SP-FB31SBK
Spyderco Lanyard with Pewter Bead, Square, SP-BEAD1LY
Spyderco Manix2 Lightweight, Black Handle, SP-C101PBK2
Spyderco Pewter Bead, Round, SP-BEAD2
Spyderco Pewter Bead, Square, SP-BEAD1
Spyderco Starmate, SP-C55GP
Spyderco Street Bowie, SP-FB04PBB
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