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Old Hickory 79-8 Cook Knife 8 Inch Carbon Steel Blade Hardwood Handle USA Made

  • Old Hickory 79-8 Cook Knife 8 Inch Carbon Steel Blade Hardwood Handle USA Made
Average rating:
average rating 92%
14 reviews
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SKU: QN-798
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Knife is sharpened to a razor edge. This service is done on a 2" x 72" Burr King and finished on a Baldor buffer using a leather wheel. Blades are kept cool so overheating is not an issue. Please keep in mind that items that receive this service are non-refundable. If you feel we have made a mistake, please contact us and we will make it right.

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BRANDOld Hickory
PRODUCT TYPEKitchen Knives
ORIGINUnited States
STEEL TYPECarbon Steel

Old Hickory Knives: Old Hickory Cook Knife, 8" Blade, QN-798

The Old Hickory line of traditional carbon steel kitchen cutlery has been proudly made in the USA for over 90 years. The Old Hickory Cook Knife has an 8.125" carbon steel blade with a Rockwell hardness of 57-59; full tang construction for strength, a hardwood handle and an overall length of 13".

Old Hickory Knives: Old Hickory Cook Knife, 8" Blade, QN-798

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Average rating:
average rating 92%
14 reviews

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Featured Reviews:

average rating 100%
Great bones on this baby! 03/16/2022
By Anand Sivaramakrishnan
It's inexpensive. Out of the box the edge finish is more micro-serrated than a Wusthof/Shin/Whatever. So what? I used an electric Chef's Choice Trizor XV to put a 15 degree main edge, and lower angle finish+'strop' on the blade. It took several stages (to avoid taking too much metal off). After redefining the edge I only occasionally ceramic-rod sharpen, but *always* very gently hone once or twice per side on a Zwilling honing steel (not 'ribbed'). Yes, every time I use it. After a week or two the edge became silky-smooth. I don't even feel fresh crisp green beans as the blade glides straight down through a bunch of 10 of them in one cut. As good as any $$$ knife I've ever used - better because it's hard. Carbon steel. Mustard patina is so easy to grow - so no rust either! The blade is strong and stiff. A dream chef's knife! It's my fave now.
average rating 100%
cook and paring knives 12/19/2018
By Mike pietrafitta
Dear sir/Madame:

I looked all over trying to find a good high quality tool steel knife and could not find anything. I even went to my butcher who used to sell some carbon steel knives but he too was now carrying stainless steel knives. So I was very happy to find your company and I ordered two butcher knives witch I love and used for thanksgiving. I then purchased a cooks knife and the paring knife and am just as pleased with them. I plan on purchasing more knives from your company and have already told people about your products. Thank you for selling high quality carbon steel products they are conspicuously missing from this market. I need a good slicing knife and plan on looking at you site for the right knife.

Mike P.
average rating 100%
Longevity and Quality 07/22/2019
By Michael Bierbaum
I purchased the Chef's knife about 40 years ago. I use this knife every day. It's easy to keep sharp the requires little more care than what you should give any good knife: clean it, dry it, put it back in the block. It cost less than $10.00 40+ years ago and has outlasted two fancy sets brought into the family by well meaning children and second wife. I expect it will outlast me. It does everything a chef's knife should do. Treat it well and you'll have a friend for life.
average rating 80%
Take care of that Blade... 04/25/2021
By Chapa
Based on how much this knife costs, I wasn't expecting a superior kitchen knife. I just wanted to try it out. The top of the knife, (the spine) has a rough casting edge... but the knife is sharp. Make sure to maintain and protect that carbon steel. Overall, it's definitely a good knife, and it wouldn't cost much to replace it if it ever fails you.
average rating 100%
No frills, just cuts 01/13/2018
By robert pringle
This knife is a great bargain. and the company is fun to deal with. The knife itself is of course as sharp as sin, and the company lets you know it in no uncertain terms: do not get it dirty and wet and then neglect to clean it, or IT WILL RUST! Purchasers should know this already, but they don't let you forget it. Bravo for them!