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Eye Brand Knives: Eye Brand Copperhead, Canoe and Muskrat Knives

The Eye Brand Copperhead knives are available with genuine Stag, Bone, or Yellow handles. The Eye Brand Muskrat knives come with genuine Stag or Yellow handles. The Eye Brand Canoe knife features a gold colored Stag etch on the main blade, and a genuine Stag handle. The Eye Brand Copperhead, Canoe and Muskrat knives feature hammer forged Solingen steel blades, and are made in Solingen, Germany.

Eye Brand knives, sometimes called German Eye, have been Hammer forged in Solingen Germany by the Carl Schlieper family for over 100 years. Eye Brand Knives still use forged blades. Hammer Forged blades: Eye Brand Knives is one of the few companies that still uses the age old method of hammer forging its blades. Most traditional knives today are cold stamped, but Eye Brand still forges the steel to shape. Hammer forging compresses and realigns the blade steel's grain structure, thereby increasing the toughness and edge holding characteristics of the knife blade. It is a more costly and time consuming process, but worth the effort.

Reviewer's note: Great using knives with hammer forged steel. They don't go to alot of trouble to fit and finish. Expect minor imperfections. Handle pins are not domed and spun, just hammered down. Best carbon steel around. A favorite with Ranchers in Texas!

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