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Replacement Screw Set for Benchmade Bugout and Mini Bugout - Stainless Steel - Satin

  • Replacement Screw Set for Benchmade Bugout and Mini Bugout - Stainless Steel - Satin
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average rating 98%
17 reviews
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STEEL TYPEStainless Steel

Replacement Screw Set for Benchmade Bugout and Mini Bugout - Stainless Steel - Satin

Satin Screw Set for the Benchmade Bugout 535 and Mini Bugout 533 Knife -  Satin hardware is rarely found on Benchmade knives so these screws will surely set your knife apart from the rest. You can even take your satin hardware a step further and put a unique heat color bronze finish on it. This set includes everything you need for the 535 and 533 with the exception of the Axis Lock. We even included the highly sought after satin thumbstud kit and satin barrel spacers. It is also easy to install with only a T10 and T6 torx.

The pivot assembly is coarse threaded and we do recommend using Loctite to prevent screws from coming out.

Screw Set Includes:

1 - Thumbstud Kit

1 - T10 Pivot Kit (coarse thread, Loctite required)

8 - T6 Handle Screws

1 - Stop Pin

2 - Barrel Spacers

3 - T6 Clip Screws

Average rating:
average rating 98%
17 reviews

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Featured Reviews:

average rating 100%
Everything included 08/30/2021
By Jason Ivey
It's possible to find replacement screws for the Bugout most anyplace you look. The problem is that almost all of those sets do NOT include the spacers. Why? Not a clue. But this is one of the only sets I could find which includes everything. All of the screws, including the pocket clip, the pivot screw and the thumbstub. On top of that, comes what most kits are missing, the barrel spacers and the stop pin.

It's a little more expensive than most other kits but if you need/want everything then this is the kit! In addition, the kit made the perfect final touches to my black Flytanium scales.
average rating 100%
Quality hardware 02/20/2022
By Ray S.
Great set, wish it included the axis lock bar. In my case the new hardware improved my lockup and action. With the factory hardware there was a slight V, which caused my bugout to either have super stiff action or to have blade play. New hardware fixed that. Now I have a smooth action and solid lockup. I think it's the barrel spacer/stop pin in the top right that did the trick. Anyways quality hardware, nice stain finish. The only improvement I could ask for would be if they had a T8 version.
average rating 100%
Better than expected 10/01/2022
By David Schaffer
I had bought a thumb stud, I bought a lock bar, and I bought stand offs, this set included all but the lock bar. The pivot screw (impossible to find anywhere) and the whole set together look so great. I wish I could add a photo. I didn't expect it all to look so great. Benchmade has silver tone screws, but polished. I even have a pocket clip in stainless, polished. But these satin screws are kind of striking.
average rating 100%
An upgrade must 10/01/2022
By David Schaffer
The only place where you'll find a set of screws that includes the pivot, thumb stud and stand offs with the screws. The satin stainless steel set (sku #KP- SCREW-30) is stunning on my Bugout. BTW I had an issue with my washers and the customer service was excellent! They sent me a replacement set of washers pronto. The washers are only $6. What is your problem? Buy two with your screws!
average rating 100%
Bugout hardware kit 04/29/2022
By John C
Installed this set on my titanium bugout. The look is amazing. The pivot required some "convincing" but overall, I am very satisficed with the finished product. I will continue to be a customer here.