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Old Hickory Paring Knife, QN-7533

  • Old Hickory Paring Knife, QN-7533
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average rating 90%
10 reviews
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SKU: QN-7533
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Knife is sharpened to a razor edge. This service is done on a 2" x 72" Burr King and finished on a Baldor buffer using a leather wheel. Blades are kept cool so overheating is not an issue. Please keep in mind that items that receive this service are non-refundable. If you feel we have made a mistake, please contact us and we will make it right.

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BRANDOld Hickory
PRODUCT TYPEKitchen Knives
ORIGINUnited States
STEEL TYPECarbon Steel

Old Hickory Knives: Old Hickory Paring Knife, QN-7533

The illustrated Old Hickory Knife is the Old Hickory Paring Knife that features a 3 1/4" clip point blade made of carbon steel. This Paring Knife has full tang construction with brass riveted hardwood handle scales. The Old Hickory Paring Knife with 3 1/4" clip point blade has an overall length of 6 7/8". Made in the USA.

Caution, high carbon steel will rust if not properly cared for. Clean and oil after use, and keep out of the dishwasher.

Old Hickory Knives: Old Hickory Paring Knife, QN-7533


Average rating:
average rating 90%
10 reviews

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Featured Reviews:

average rating 100%
Excellent Paring Knife! 06/17/2016
By The Captain
The Paring Knife arrived quickly. It is just as I remembered them as a child.

The knife arrived with a "rough" edge, but an hour on my Spyderco Triangle "Sharpmaker" remedied that. The US made 1095 carbon steel takes an extremely sharp edge in short order!

I began using the "Old Hickory" knives my parents had back in 1961 (I was but 6 years old). When it "lost it's edge" all dad had to do was to "lay back the edge" with a steel and it was ready to go again.

I buy these knives because they are a great value for the money, hold a great edge and when treated properly, can last a lifetime. I'm waiting for the 7" Butcher Knife and I KNOW that it won't disappoint.

If you immediately wash these knives by hand and dry them after use, they will serve you well. They'll "tarnish" (read: take a "patina" finish). This adds "character" to the knives.

Do yourself a favor. Buy these knives and care for them as directed. Take my word for it, you'll be MORE than satisfied!

Why pay more?

average rating 100%
Great "old school" knives 06/23/2016
By Jon Bradfield
The carbon steel that makes the "Old Hickory" knives is older than the 1890's (the year that heralded the close of the American Frontier). 34 years later, the Ontario Knife Company named their old-fashioned carbon steel knives "Old Hickory".

I have put a "shaving sharp" edge on this Paring knife, and the 1095 carbon steel has no difficulty holding it. I have also "forced a patina" (tarnishing) the blade by wrapping it in a paper towel soaked in White Vinegar and wrapping it in aluminum foil for 45 minutes and washing it immediately thereafter. This helps prevent the dreaded red/brown rust from forming.

These knives are a marvelous value for the money and they are better than all of the modern "whiz bang" knives put together.

These are truly great "back to basics" kitchen cutlery. It's hard to improve on the "best of the breed". I like mine, and want to use them until I'm gone.

Buy them and use them, you won't be sorry.
average rating 100%
Best kitchen knife ever! 01/14/2021
By Danny Murdoch
We have been using an Old Hickory paring knife for a very long time. We misplaced it while remodeling. I looked all over for a replacement and everything was stainless steel. I wanted an carbon blade. We ordered 2 of these when I found them on-line. We also found our old knife and these are exactly the same, right down to the pattern and markings on the blade. We now have 3 and would not give them up for anything!
average rating 100%
Perfect for small work 08/06/2022
By Colin Smith
I needed a small knife for leatherwork, and I had such good experience with my Old Hickory knives I bought 40 years ago, that I knew this would be perfect. Although it is not intended for leatherwork and needed some blade reshaping for my purposes, it is just right and very affordable. The carbon steel sharpens well and easily to razor, and it holds its edge. The handle is strong and comfortable.
average rating 80%
Old Hickory Paring Knife 02/22/2022
By Randy Russell
My ordering experience with Knives Plus was excellent and the product arrived timely. The knife is as advertised and performs as I had hoped. The knife is relatively inexpensive but one suggested improvement would be to dull the back edge as it is easy to cut yourself when sliding your hand up the handle. All in all, I’m very satisfied with my purchase.
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