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Old Hickory Paring Knife, 4 Inch Blade, QN-7504

  • Old Hickory Paring Knife, 4 Inch Blade, QN-7504
Average rating:
average rating 78%
14 reviews
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SKU: QN-7504
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Knife is sharpened to a razor edge. This service is done on a 2" x 72" Burr King and finished on a Baldor buffer using a leather wheel. Blades are kept cool so overheating is not an issue. Please keep in mind that items that receive this service are non-refundable. If you feel we have made a mistake, please contact us and we will make it right.

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BRANDOld Hickory
PRODUCT TYPEKitchen Knives
ORIGINUnited States
STEEL TYPECarbon Steel

Old Hickory Knives: Old Hickory Paring Knife, 4 Inch Blade, QN-7504

The illustrated Old Hickory Knife is the Old Hickory Paring Knife that features a 4" blade made of carbon steel. This Paring Knife has full tang construction with brass riveted hardwood handle scales. The Old Hickory Paring Knife with 4" blade has an overall length of 7 3/4". Made in the USA.

Caution, high carbon steel will rust if not properly cared for. Clean and oil after use, and keep out of the dishwasher.

Old Hickory Knives: Old Hickory Paring Knife, 4 Inch Blade, QN-7504


Average rating:
average rating 78%
14 reviews

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Featured Reviews:

average rating 100%
My new favorite kitchen knife 01/14/2021
By Danny Murdoch
We have been using an Old Hickory paring knife for a very long time. We misplaced it while remodeling. I looked all over for a replacement and everything was stainless steel. I wanted an carbon blade. I found the carbon steel paring knifes on your website and ordered 2. I also ordered the 4" bladed knife as I prefer a longer knife than my wife. We found our old knife and these are exactly the same, right down to the pattern and markings on the blade. We now have 3 short paring knifes and I have one more my size. These are wonderful additions to any kitchen and carbon steel is easier to sharpen and stays sharper than stainless.
average rating 100%
My favorite knives--ever! 03/08/2016
By PJ Oaks
I have loved and used these knives for nearly 40 years! Because they were my main knives my children grew up appreciating them too. These knives easily take and hold an edge. I know I like a good, sharp knife. I know some may find them being non-dishwasher friendly a problem, but for me the quality of the never ending job these knives can do is worth any inconvenience others might perceive.
I purchased the sets I just did to give as a wedding gift for one of my sons and his wife to be. Old Hickory knives were what my son asked for. Great idea!!!!
average rating 100%
High carbon steel knives 05/01/2015
By John Ott
I love high carbon steel knives and these are excellent. They take an edge easily and hold an edge as long as you don't use a glass or ceramic cutting board. I clean them and dry them immediately to prevent rusting. At the price these are great knives. We also have a Old Hickory French knife that we've had for many, many years and it is my go-to knife for chopping and dicing. Everyone who cooks seriously should have these knives. You won't need a mortgage to buy them, either.
average rating 100%
Old Hickory Knives 12/10/2019
By Mark Goldschmidt
I was extremely pleased with the service and prices at Knives Plus. I ordered the Old Hickory skinner and sticker to add to my cutlery collection. The paring knife I had laser etched for our dirty Santa family gift exchange this year. I ordered the knives the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, they laser etched the one knife and shipped all three the same day. I received them the Friday after Thanksgiving. Like I said I’m extremely pleased. Thanks for the great job Knives Plus.
average rating 100%
Great carbon steel at bargain price 07/18/2018
By Gary Ives
Old Hickory' blades on the 4",8" and 9" knives take an edge easily. The carbon steel is easily tuned with just a couple of strokes on the steel. A little fine sanding and oil on the handles and the knives are as good or better than others and at a fraction of the cost. Highly recommended!
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