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Replacement Hardware Screw Set for Spyderco Smock Knife - Stainless Steel - Blacked Out

  • Replacement Hardware Screw Set for Spyderco Smock Knife - Stainless Steel - Blacked Out
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STEEL TYPEStainless Steel

Replacement Hardware Screw Set for Spyderco Smock Knife - Stainless Steel - Blacked Out

Complete Blacked Out Screw Set for the Spyderco Smock Knife -  All-black hardware is nearly impossible to find so we decided to source it for you. These screws will surely set your knife apart from the rest. We've included two different lengths of pocket clip screws to accommodate your preferences when it comes to pocket clips and aftermarket scales. Lastly, our kit includes the elusive internal blade stop. This set includes everything you need to blackout that Smock. Made in China.

We found two different lengths when testing lock stabilizers for the Smock. Some exclusives use a longer stabilizer than the stock version. We included both in this kit, so no matter the Smock you have, these kits will work for you. Also, we found a slight rattle at this piece when installed. A small drop of Loctite or Super Glue may be needed if this rattle bothers you.

Screw Set Includes:

1 - Lanyard Tube

2 - Pivot Screws

4 - Handle Screws

2 - Stand-offs

1 - Button Lock w/screw

3 - Clip Screws - Stock Length - Used on stock pocket clips

3 - Clip Screws - Slightly Longer - Used on aftermarket scales or pocket clips

1 - Stainless Steel Internal Blade Stop

1 - Short Lock Stabilizer

1 - Long Lock Stabilizer

Average rating:
average rating 100%
3 reviews

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Featured Reviews:

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Best Value on the Market 06/28/2023
By Jake Chambers
I’m Jake, and as an avid Smock collector, I have to weigh in on this hardware set from KnivesPlus. I give it a 10 out of 10. The fit is like factory hardware, with no difficulty on assembly or disassembly like you get with other aftermarket standoffs. The button is beveled like the factory, so it isn’t sharp under the thumb. The black finish looks and feels great, and did not scratch under tools during assembly. This is a complete replacement set for every bit of hardware that shows. What really changes the game is the inclusion of not one, but two lock bar stabilizers. These are provided in different lengths to cut back on that Smock rattle we all know and loath. Not only is that thoughtful, but previously this piece was not available on the secondary market. Last, but never least, is the price point. Other sets of standoffs, button and screws would run $50+, but this set, with its additional stabilizers, runs less than half that. Buy them while available!! - Jake Chambers
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Smock hardware 10/02/2023
By Keith
Complete package of everything you need. They also send two sizes of clip screws and two sizes of blade lock pin. I need the larger one because of the aftermarket scales I was using was slightly different than the stock scales. Second set of hardware I have purchased from KP and both were perfect. Super fast shipping on both.
average rating 100%
Yes! Buy This! 07/07/2023
By Jeremy Milam
I'm a new Smock collector and was looking for a set of blackout hardware. The fit and finish on these were perfect and very easy to work with. I've purchase similar sets from other vendors and had fitment issues... not here! Buy with confidence!