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KNIVES PLUS Leather Sharpening Strop White 8 Inch Long

  • KNIVES PLUS Leather Sharpening Strop White 8 Inch Long
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BRANDKnives Plus Strop
Knives Plus 8” Leather Sharpening Strop - White - 2 Micron
***Please Note*** The white strop will discolor quickly due to the contrast between the compound and the very small amount of steel that gets left behind from your edge. This does not impair its ability to strop your knives. It will turn dark gray/black - we guarantee it.
Due to customer demand, we have decided to add to our famous Knives Plus Strop Block line. This particular strop is made in the same fashion as our STROP8 but with a white compound. 
Strops are great partly because they “give” enough to conform to the angle on your knife. The white grit is a bit courser than the green compound and could take the place of some of those ceramic stones that you love to hate. This allows less technique and is simply easier to use than a traditional ceramic stone.
Our strops are superior because we have perfected the process in which the compound is added to the leather. The compound is actually in the leather rather than just on top of the leather. This gives the strop significantly more life, and reapplying compound is virtually unnecessary. Other products require bars of compound that are basically used like a crayon to color the leather with. This technique works but is not as effective as our product.
Customers tell the story of our products and as such, you will have the final say. We love the new grit, and we hope that anyone who buys one will take time to give feedback.
We are so sure you will love our strops that if you are not happy we will refund your money. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!!

How we make them.

KNIVES PLUS Leather strops are the best thing in the world for finishing the edge of your knife. Here in Texas, saddle and boot makers use them everyday to put that slick edge on their leather working knives.

Our strops won't cost you a fortune and should last you the rest of your life if properly cared for. We manufacture these here in the KNIVES PLUS shop and have experimented for about 10 years to come up with the finest finishing tool available.

We hand pick leather from a little home owned leather supplier here in Amarillo. We have found that a good quality chap leather is the best.
Chaps are the soft leather that Cowboys wear over their Levi's to keep the Mesquite bush thorns and prickly pear cactus from eating their legs up. It's soft but tough.

We use contact cement to glue this leather down to a 2 1/2" X 8" (approximately) particle board base. When the glue is dry, we raise the leather's nap.

Next, we melt down a aluminum oxide rouge until it is the consistency of thick vasoline. We smear and work this preparation into the leather surface with a hard rolled shop rag until the surface of the strop is thoroughly saturated and coated. Then we let the polish sink in and set for two days under low heat.

Finally, we rescrape the surface of the strop to remove excess polish and reset the nap. We run the edges of the base on a Burr King grinder to smooth and round the sides for comfortable use, and remove the green polish that gets on everything.

Remember these strops are hand made and are not the prettiest things in the world. They are also subject to the availability of the right piece of chap leather, and making them depends on what materials are available.

We use particle board base material. Width may vary from to 2"-2 1/2" and length may vary from 7"-8". Leather color may vary from cream color to dark brown which will affect the color of the finished product. Each strop is hand checked for "nap and grab" before being packaged.

How to use them.

All edges come off of your sharpening stones with a fuzzy uneven edge. The edge can be straightened out with a fine ceramic or steel, if you have the right touch. The problem is, with too much pressure, a hard ceramic or steel will roll that edge to one side or another and possibly break it off. To get that shaving sharp edge, it helps to have a soft polishing surface that "gives a little" as you straighten that fuzz out. The surface of our leather strop cushions your finishing strokes to prevent rolling your finished edge, as you might on a hard ceramic or steel. Always be sure to pull your knife edge backward four or five strokes on one side, and then on the other. Always make sure your knife is clean before stropping as a dirty knife will clog up the strop surface.

Remember! Always pull the knife edge backward to strop and be sure the knife is clean. A dirty knife will clog up the strop surface!



“First, I want to mention that I am partial to a pre-fabricated stropping product called a Strop Block from Each strop block is tested before it is shipped and you can see from the block itself that much care has been taken in its preparation. … I own several and use them often.” From A Primer on Folding Knives by Steven Roman (



Average rating:
average rating 97%
33 reviews

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Featured Reviews:

average rating 100%
Knives Plus 8 Inch White Strop Block 01/29/2017
By Gregory Caliguiri
After sharpening two of my daily carry knives, one that I abuse at work cutting everything from boxes to zipties and the other I use mostly around the house for tasks such as cutting fruit or opening letters, I was able to obtain a mirror polished edge by finishing them off with the Knives Plus 8 Inch White Strop Block. I hand sharpened them with some generic whet stones that were made to be used on a sharpening system such as the edge pro apex. I went through the progression of stones 180, 400, 800, 1500, 2000, and 3000 grit stones. Then I went to my trusty Spyderco Double Stuff. The blades showed all the promise of having a mirrored edge they just would not glow like a mirror edge should. They looked all cloudy like an old antique mirror, so I bust out the 8 inch White Knives Plus Strop Block and all that was about to change. After the first couple of passes I could already tell the difference. After a minute on each side those knives were glowing like neon lights on the Vegas Strip
average rating 100%
White Leather Strop 01/24/2017
By Kushie
I all ready own the Knives Plus 8" and 12" green strops. I had been thinking about buying a strop with white compound when I got the email from Knives Plus about their new white strop. I had to try one out when KP offered the discount price. I have to say that I noticed the more aggressive compound right away as I stropped the first knife. After the first time I must have wore off some of the surface compound as the knife moved over the strop smoother. I have to say after 6 knives were stropped I did notice the sharpness was attained a little faster with the white over the green. All of the knives I did came out with a nice, sharp edge again. I can see uses for both and am happy I have it. Probably won't need the ceramic much now. Grab up the new white strop and give a try while they are available. You will have another great tool to touch up your knife.
average rating 60%
White Strop 05/02/2017
By Gart Negrycz
The white strop does not cut as well as the Green even though it is advertised as a 2.0 micron vs 1.2 micron Compound also when I purchased my first strop (the large green I was thrilled with its performance regrettably it didn't holdup to the Lestoil my wife spilled on it. Not your problem. Particularly when she tried to wash it off. The replacement doesn't cut as well as the first one. With that one the scratches when I started to strop were evident and as I progressed they disappeared and the the blade glistened and cut beautifully. Could it be that the compound is missing on the white and Green that I just purchased? Both the white and the green do appear drier like maybe there is no oil? I await your response because I trust you.
average rating 100%
It's good :D 02/10/2017
By alexander senetcky
So if you enjoy the green strop, you're mostly likely going to enjoy this one.

The extra grit removes enough material, but really leaves a mirror shine, and much faster than the green strop (which I also love). Seems to be every bit as quality as the other strops. It is quite literally, what you see is what you get.

I think this one is my new favorite now, it is just so much easier to touch up my larger knives that much faster.

If they made a bigger version of this I would probably insta buy it, I think it be great for my axes, and easier to use than this one for some of my larger ones.

Get these while they last!
average rating 100%
Knives plus (White) Strop Block 12/25/2017
By James Metts
My first purchase was the green Strop Block. This worked very well on final razor sharpening of well honed blades. Rougher blades which needed significant stoning are then best then worked using the Knives Plus ( White Strop Block) and then finished with the ( Green Strop Block). It is recommended that a flatter than normal angle be used. Most importantly very light strokes and pressure should be used with both of these 8" blocks, to attain a razor edge. This works because the leather has give and doesn't fold a fine edge. These strop blocks are great tools. They Work !