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EZE-LAP Knife Sharpener: EZE-LAP Pocket Diamond Knife Sharpener, D-Shape, EZ-S

  • EZE-LAP Knife Sharpener: EZE-LAP Pocket Diamond Knife Sharpener, D-Shape, EZ-S
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BRANDEze-Lap Sharpeners

EZE-LAP Knife Sharpener: EZE-LAP Pocket Diamond Knife Sharpener, D-Shape, EZ-S

The illustrated EZE-LAP Knife Sharpener is the Model S EZE-LAP pocket diamond knife sharpener with Fine 600 grit that features a 2 1/4" long D-shaped sharpening area with a groove for fish hooks. The EZE-LAP Fine 600 grit can handle 98 percent of sharpening needs, with sufficient abrasive ability to hone a dull knife, or put a fast razor sharp finish on an edge. The D-shaped shaft stores inside a pen type cap that can be clipped onto a shirt pocket.

EZE-LAP has a patented heat treatment process that bonds the highest quality industrial grade diamond particles in a stainless alloy, to a metal substrate. This process creates a surface that measures around 72 on the Rockwell hardness scale; and results in a Diamond sharpener that will work on high tech blade steels, as well as tool steel, and most ceramic, carbide, and hardened materials.

EZE-LAP Knife Sharpener: EZE-LAP Fine D-Shape Pocket Rod Diamond Knife Sharpener, EZ-S

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Average rating:
average rating 100%
3 reviews

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Featured Reviews:

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Great Little Gadget 08/05/2015
By Anna Yoakum
My husband received an EZE-Lap, pocket Diamond Knife Sharpener as a gift, this was several years before he and I were married and we have been married for 45 years now. About 10 years ago I borrowed his EZE-Lap to use as a file to hone and smooth the ends of my handmade sterling silver, earring hooks (by-the-way, it works wonderfully for this and removes any burs and sharp edges from the cut ends of the silver wire).
Since I had commandeered my hubby's old ESE-Lap (with no intentions of returning it) I decided the least I could do was gift him with a new one, so recently I ordered 2 . . . 1 strictly for my dear hubby, a new one for my jewelry making and the old one is now resting in our kitchen knife drawer, where it is used to (of all things) sharpen our knives.
This is truly a wonderful product and worth many times its purchase price. :)
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Long- time user 11/09/2020
By Mike Kuehl
Have had my original one for many years,and finally worn it out. The "D" shape has helped keep a keen edge on straight and serrated edges, and the size is so easy to carry anywhere on you or your gear.
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perfect for fish hooks 02/10/2020
By angry senior
Nice and small, but very effective hook sharpener. Lightweight and portable for use on the water. Can fit into the bend of the hook, and hone the sides of the point easily due to its shape.
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