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KP Custom Carbon Fiber Damascus Pattern Scales for Spyderco Yojimbo 2 Knife

  • KP Custom Carbon Fiber Damascus Pattern Scales for Spyderco Yojimbo 2 Knife
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BRANDKnives Plus
WEIGHT0.9 oz.
MODELSpyderco Yojimbo 2

KP Custom Carbon Fiber Damascus Pattern Scales for Spyderco Yojimbo 2 Knife, KP-SCALE-55

Please note: Installing scales or other parts may void your warranty.

These Knives Plus replacement scales for the Spyderco Yojimbo 2 are precision milled from carbon fiber with an eye catching damascus pattern. These scales were created to replace the original Spyderco G10 scales.

Left-handed? You bet these will work! Are you crazy and enjoy Tip-Down carry? No problem!! These scales will accept any clip position. They weigh in at 0.9 oz and have an installed, total weight of 4.0 oz. Made in China.

Please note: damascus pattern will naturally vary, which is part of the uniqueness of the material.

KP Custom Carbon Fiber Damascus Pattern Scales for Spyderco Yojimbo 2 Knife, KP-SCALE-55

Average rating:
average rating 100%
6 reviews

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Featured Reviews:

average rating 100%
Thing of beauty 04/03/2023
By Dan G
First off, these scales are absolutely gorgeous. You have to see them in person to really appreciate the detail and the way they look in the light. (If they were RHTU only, I’d give 6 stars!) Installation could not have been smoother - for the Yo 2 the easiest way is to install 1 scale, tighten down the hardware, then do the other side. This prevents having to hold/remove any spacers or pivot. Everything pops right into place as it should and blade centering was perfect with no fiddling. OE clip screws work perfectly with these scales and aftermarket Ti clip. Beautiful. Every scale swap should go this smooth!Thank you KP.
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Just added it to the cart 05/14/2021
By Cory
My first scale swap and I'm very happy with the over all look of the yojimbo 2. Very easy to install. The liners fit perfectly. Didn't see any pits in the carbon fiber. Only complaint is that they are buttery smooth. Takes a little more effort to get out of the pocket. Pictures gives off a ridged texture look but that's just how the CF reflects the light. Will recommend for anyone wanting to change up the look of the knife and lose some time staring at how the pattern reflects the light.
average rating 100%
Beautiful! 05/12/2021
By Mark Patterson
I have 25+ Spyderco sprints, exclusives a variety of aftermarket scales other knives, and these are the most beautiful scales I've ever seen. The pattern is unique, although I'm sure others will start using it. It's too beautiful not to. These made my Yojimbo shoot to a top ten knife in my collection. The only thing that may be a negative for some is that they're satiny smooth and could be a little less grippy than some would prefer. I love them and will be looking out for more.
average rating 100%
Looks great, fits great 09/10/2021
By Spike Spiegel
I'd previously purchased the Para 3 version of these scales, which gave me an itch to try them on the Y2 languishing on my dresser. Smooth but not slippery, the raindrop pattern is very eyecatching. Every scale and clip hole and liner groove matches up perfectly. The toughest part was my own ordinary clumsiness in keeping the washer sandwich intact as I buttoned everything back together.
average rating 100%
Scales 05/30/2023
By Jessie
The company takes pride in preparing and shipping their products to the customer. My scales were in the mail and to me in no time. The scales are very nice and reflect when light hits them. Looks great on my Spyderco. I will definitely buy from this company again.