All SOG multi-tool pliers (with the except of the Paratools) feature one-handed flip opening and gear driven Compound Leverage for double the plier power.
Much like a pair of bolt cutters, the compound leverage supplied by the gear driven jaws increases the cutting and gripping strength of the SOG Power Locks and PowerPliers Multi-pliers.

Even the diminutive Cross Lock and CrossCutt feature the compound gear system - for power beyond size. SOG is a true innovator in the Multi-tool / Multiplier category. A large choice of features make the SOG Multi-tools the tool for anyone from the the Handyman to the Explosive Demolition Expert. SOG makes a tool to fit your job.
Also check out the new Kilowatt, a pocket knife with specific tools made specifically made for the electrician.

SOG Knives Multi-Purpose Tools include full size PowerLock, PowerPlier, Deluxe Pocket PowerPlier, Pocket PowerPlier and Paratool; CrossCut and CrossGrip multi-purpose mini tools-small enough to fit on a keyring and Kilowatt Electrician's Tool.

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  • SOG Micro ToolClip TC1001 Compact 9 Function Multi Tool Black GRN with Pocket Clip
  • SOG Reactor Tool, SG-RC1001
  • SOG MacV Tool, SG-SM1001
  • SOG SwitchPlier 2.0 Multi Tool, SG-SWP1001
  • SOG Key Knife, Black, SG-KEY101
  • SOG Key Knife, Blue, SG-KEY106
  • SOG Key Knife, SG-KEY102
    SOG Key Knife, SG-KEY102
    SOG Key Knife, SG-KEY102
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  • SOG Hex Bit Tool Kit, SG-HXB01
  • SOG Knives SOG CrossCut 2.0 Tool, SG-CC51
  • SOG Knives SOG PowerAssist Tool, Black, SG-B66
  • SOG Knives SOG PowerAssist EOD Tool, SG-S67
  • SOG Knives SOG PowerAssist Tool, SG-S66
  • SOG Knives SOG EOD PowerLock Tool with V Cutter, Black, SG-B63
  • SOG Knives SOG PowerLock Tool with V Cutter, SG-S62
  • SOG Knives SOG EOD PowerLock Tool, Black, SG-B61
  • SOG Knives, SG-S60, PowerLock, Standard Finish