KNIVES PLUS ® STROP BLOCK, Leather Sharpening Strop, KP-STROP8
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KNIVES PLUS ® STROP BLOCK, Leather Sharpening Strop, KP-STROP8

KNIVES PLUS ® STROP BLOCK, Leather Sharpening Strop, KP-STROP8
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KNIVES PLUS ® Leather Sharpening Strop on a block, a Strop Block for finishing the edge of your knife, approximately 2 1/2" by 8".
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How we make them.
KNIVES PLUS ® Leather strops are the best thing in the world for finishing the edge of your knife. Here in Texas, saddle and boot makers use them everyday to put that slick edge on their leather working knives.
Our strops won't cost you a fortune and should last you the rest of your life if properly cared for. We manufacture these here in the KNIVES PLUS ® shop and have experimented for about 10 years to come up with the finest finishing tool available.
We hand pick leather from a little home owned leather supplier here in Amarillo. We have found that a good quality chap leather is the best.
Chaps are the soft leather that Cowboys wear over their Levi's to keep the Mesquite bush thorns and prickly pear cactus from eating their legs up. It's soft but tough.
We use contact cement to glue this leather down to a 2 1/2" X 8" (approximately) particle board base. When the glue is dry, we raise the leather's nap by scraping with a razor blade to allow the polish to penetrate the leather and give it a "bite" when used.
Next, we melt down a high chrome rouge in olive oil until it is the consistency of thick vasoline. We smear and work this preparation into the leather surface with a hard rolled shop rag until the surface of the strop is thoroughly saturated and coated. Then we let the polish sink in and set for two days under low heat.
Finally, we rescrape the surface of the strop to remove excess polish and reset the nap. We run the edges of the base on a Burr King grinder to smooth and round the sides for comfortable use, and remove the green polish that gets on everything.
Remember these strops are hand made and are not the prettiest things in the world. They are also subject to the availability of the right piece of chap leather, and making them depends on what materials are available.
We use particle board base material. Width may vary from to 2"-2 1/2" and length may vary from 7"-8". Leather color may vary from cream color to dark brown which will affect the color of the finished product. Each strop is hand checked for "nap and grab" before being packaged.

How to use them.

All edges come off of your sharpening stones with a fuzzy uneven edge. The edge can be straightened out with a fine ceramic or steel, if you have the right touch. The problem is, with too much pressure, a hard ceramic or steel will roll that edge to one side or another and possibly break it off. To get that shaving sharp edge, it helps to have a soft polishing surface that "gives a little" as you straighten that fuzz out. The surface of our leather strop cushions your finishing strokes to prevent rolling your finished edge, as you might on a hard ceramic or steel. Always be sure to pull your knife edge backward four or five strokes on one side, and then on the other. Always make sure your knife is clean before stropping as a dirty knife will clog up the strop surface.
Remember! Always pull the knife edge backward to strop and be sure the knife is clean. A dirty knife will clog up the strop surface!



“First, I want to mention that I am partial to a pre-fabricated stropping product called a Strop Block from Each strop block is tested before it is shipped and you can see from the block itself that much care has been taken in its preparation. … I own several and use them often.” From A Primer on Folding Knives by Steven Roman (



KNIVES PLUS ® STROP BLOCK, Leather Sharpening Strop, KP-STROP8
Average rating:
123 reviews

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Featured Reviews:

KNIVES PLUS ® STROP BLOCK, Leather Sharpening Strop, KP-STROP8
Try it you will like it.10/11/2015
By Don in Oregon
In the process developing into a knife guy, I recently became interested in stropping. I came across a video on YouTube that featured the Strop Block and ordered one. I have been using it for a short time, am I impressed? ABSOLUTLY.
Today I was using a new EDC blade for some food prep. I ended up dragging the tip and front of the belly across a plate several times. The result was a blade that went from very sharp to not cutting paper.
I ran it across the Strop Block for 4 cycles of 3 passes per side, than I did a paper check. Not only did the tip and belly cut the paper, they cut almost as good as the back part of the blade that still had the manufacturers original edge.
The Strop Block is a great product for a very reasonable price. Anyone that is serious about a sharp knife is missing the boat if they are not using a strop to maintain their blade. Trust me, buy a Strop Block, you will be very glad you did.
KNIVES PLUS ® STROP BLOCK, Leather Sharpening Strop, KP-STROP8
By MacMaster
This KnivesPlus Strop Block is a first-class tool that finishes any sharpening process beautifully. My old stainless steel Opinel was busy resisting a proper cutting edge: major burrs kept popping up, owing to incompetent efforts with ceramic rods...; this excellent strop came into play and smoothed the edge to razor sharpness after only nine passes on each side of the blade. And this wonderful sharpening aide requires only minimal maintenance (a few drops of olive oil spread over the surface and rubbed into it from time to time will keep the thick leather properly moistened). Knives Plus delivered their strop quickly in protective packaging--my knife sharpening set is now complete!
KNIVES PLUS ® STROP BLOCK, Leather Sharpening Strop, KP-STROP8
Knives Plus Strop Block08/04/2015
By Margaret Straley
Have you ever wondered why your knives are not so sharp or why they don't stay sharp? If so, get yourself one of these strop blocks from Knives Plus an learn how to use it, which is pretty simple. This small block will restore your knives to sharpness. It will also top off a sharpening with ceramic or diamond sharpening tools. You will be pleasantly surprised how sharp your knives turn out after stropping. After using a knife, a few turns on the strop will restore the knife to the sharpness it had before use. And you will be amazed how well the strop block works to keep a razor edge on premium steels such as M390 and CPM-M4. Try it, you'll like it.
KNIVES PLUS ® STROP BLOCK, Leather Sharpening Strop, KP-STROP8
By John Wegner
I laugh with happiness. It is not often that a product exceeds their own promotional bluster or advertising. As with most products, I ordered this Strop Block expecting that it might be "almost as good" as they showed in their video. Nah. It's way better.

Right out of the box, without reading the instructions (duh), in just minutes, I took two of my EDC's from, "Gee, I thought they were already sharp," to "Wow!" sharp. I normally get a great edge with the hard stone in my Lansky set but this has opened up a new world for me, without purchasing some super expensive stropping machine.
KNIVES PLUS ® STROP BLOCK, Leather Sharpening Strop, KP-STROP8
first Strop10/16/2015
By Albert Rechany
This is my first strop. I did a lot of research regarding stropping via the internet and found this product with high marks and praise by the users so I decided to purchase it. I’m glad I did. Fantastic results first use straight out of the package. I strop all my knives with this product and my knives are now the envy of my peers. My knives are all razor sharp—sharper that they have ever been. Remember tough, that you need to start with a correctly sharpened edge to achieve quality results from this strop—but if you do—you will not be disappointed.

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