Talonz Ceramic Knives

The TALONZ Knife line features blades made of super sharp (Zirconium Oxide) ceramic. From the TALONZ manufacturer's info: TALONZ blades are made of advanced Zirconium Oxide (ZrO) and are a marvel of modern materials science. The result is a blade that is second in hardness only to natural diamond. This extreme hardness means the knife can retain its original sharpness for years of normal use without the need for sharpening.

The TALONZ Ceramic Neck Knives, designed by James Eriksen, feature single piece white ceramic (Zirconium Oxide) construction with black cord wrap for secure grip and lanyard hole with lanyard. Each Ceramic TALONZ knife comes with a molded sheath and a beaded neck chain.

From the TALONZ knife info: James Eriksen is a voting member of the Knifemaker's Guild and was a protege of G.W. Stone one of the Guild's founding members. Knives bearing the Eriksen stamp are held in high esteem as works of art as much as they are for being well-crafted working knives.