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Queen Knives: Queen Knives from the Queen Cutlery Company

The Queen Cutlery Company was started in 1922 by five former employees of the Schatt and Morgan Cutlery Company. They named the new company Queen City Cutlery Company after their hometown of Titusville, Pennsylvania, which was often referred to as the Queen City. The Queen City Cutlery Company was running well in the 1930's when Schatt and Morgan went bankrupt and closed down. The Queen City Cutlery founders bought all of their former employer's equipment, buildings, land and holdings at a sheriff's auction. Queen Cutlery still uses some of the old Schatt and Morgan equipment, tooling and processes to produce some of the finest antique style pocket knives carried in the United States today.

In the late 1960's many cutlery companies were closing down, or being purchased for corporate diversification. The descendants of the five Queen City Cutlery founders felt that the business would survive best as part of a corporate conglomeration. In 1969, Queen Cutlery was purchased by Servotronic's Corporation of Buffalo, New York.

Since that time, Queen Cutlery has gone back to building some of the finest built using knives on the market.

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