EZE-LAP Knife Sharpener: EZE-LAP EZE-Fold Diamond Knife Sharpeners

The EZE-LAP EZE-Fold Diamond Knife Sharpeners are compact, portable sharpeners. These knife sharpeners fold closed into a 1" by 5" by 1/2" rectangle, and they stow easily in a glove box, backpack, or kitchen drawer. An EZE-Fold diamond sharpener has plastic wings that rotate open to form the handle, and rotate closed to protect the diamond surface.
The EZE-Fold knife sharpeners are available as single sided models with Fine 600 grit or Medium 400 grit. They are also available as double sided sharpeners in a Super Fine 1200 grit-Medium 400 grit combination, and a Fine 600 grit-Coarse 250 grit combination.

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