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Candle Lantern

The Candle Lantern offers many advantages compared to other outdoor lighting methods. The Candle Lantern has no batteries to run down, no bulbs to burn out, and no mantles to break. They are safe, with no combustible liquids or gases, and they burn well even in difficult winds. A Candle Lantern produces a steady flow of natural heat, which can warm a tent and reduce condensation.

Industrial Revolution, founded in 1971 as UCO Corporation, began making the UCO Original Candle Lantern in 1973, and expanded their Candle Lantern selection with the Mini Candle Lantern and the Candlelier.

The Original Candle Lantern, the classic, long burning collapsible candle lantern that has provided warm natural light to thousands of outdoor enthusiasts for decades, utilizes one UCO 9 hour candle (included), surrounding it in the safest, most efficient lantern housing available anywhere. The lightweight polished aluminum frame holds the glass chimney securely in place, creating a windproof environment for the flame. The unique Easy Slide chimney allows the glass to slide down into the lantern, making the candle easier than ever to light. The spring powered candle tube pushes the candle up as it burns, keeping the flame burning at a constant height. A viewing slot on the side of the lantern allows the user to monitor the slow burning candle for remaining burn time.

The Mini Candle Lantern utilizes one UCO tealight tub candle. An easy twist lock base allows for easy lighting, and the unique candle holder keeps the tealight candle stable. The Mini Candle Lantern will safely burn the tealight tub candle for 3 to 4 hours.

The Candlelier Lantern utilizes three UCO 9 hour candles. An easy twist lock base allows for easy loading and lighting; and spring powered candle tubes push the candles up as they burn, keeping the flames burning at a constant height. The Candlelier Lantern generates enough warmth to heat small amounts of food or water-just place a small cooking pot atop the heat shield.
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