Tool Logic

Tool Logic began in early 1994, literally with a dream. This flash of inspiration was to combine all the useful functions of a Swiss army type knife into a very convenient credit card shape. A card so slim that it would actually fit into a wallet. In January 1995, Tool Logic introduced the original Credit Card Companion. People loved the innovative design, and they recognized the practical value of having a formidable set of tools in a slim credit card shape. Tool Logic now has an entire line of compact multi-tools. They are all precision engineered and extremely tough for their size.
The Tool Logic Credit Card Multi-Tools with black Zytel frame include the Credit Card Companion, Tool Lite, Tool Lite Deluxe, and Golf Tool.
The Tool Logic Ice Series Credit Card Multi-Tools have translucent frames with red, blue or purple accents, and include the Ice Companion, Ice Lite, Ice Lite II, Ice Ultralite and Ice Ultralite Clip.
The Tool Logic T1 Series have smoke translucent frames, and include the credit card sized Business Card, and the key ring sized Tech Light. Both the T1 Business Card and the T1 Tech Light are also available packaged with a slim supple leather ID wallet.
The Tool Logic SL Series are combination survival/rescue tools rolled into a compact package. Each Tool Logic SL features a one hand opening knife blade, and a black Zytel handle with a built in emergency whistle. The SL1 Light and Mini SL1 Light have a waterproof white LED flashlight, the SL2 Water offers a watertight storage cavity, and the TL3 Fire has a Firesteel magnesium alloy firestarter.
The Tool Logic TracLite switches instantly from a brilliant key ring flashlight to a magnetic hands free directional light.