Gerber Knives: Gerber Tactical Knives, Folders

The Gerber Tactical Knives with folding blades include the Applegate Fairbairn, Covert, Firestorm, Crusader, Revolt, Torch, Kiowa Gerber Knife and more.

The Applegate Fairbairn Gerber knife family is a series of tactical knives designed by, or inspired by, former OSS officer Colonel Rex Applegate.

The Applegate Fairbairn knife series includes the full size Applegate Fairbairn folder, the Covert, and the Mini Covert Gerber knife.

The Firestorm, Crusader, Revolt and Torch Gerber tactical knives have stainless steel blades that open easily with one hand by way of a thumb stud, or a finger flip. The finger flip doubles as a protective guard.

The Kiowa Gerber knife has a strong tanto blade with a thumb stud for one hand opening. The Gerber Kiowa knife is geared toward grip with an aggressively notched thumb rest and finger grooved ergonomic handle.

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