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DMT Knife Sharpener, Kitchen

DMT Knife Sharpener, Kitchen Series includes DiamondVee draw through diamond knife sharpener, and Diamond Steel.

DMT Kitchen Knife Sharpeners utilize Monocrystalline diamonds that are securely bonded in nickel, and electroplated onto stainless steel rods.

The DiamondVee knife sharpener is a single angle draw through sharpener, and the Diamond Steel is configured like a traditional butcher's steel.

Use the DMT DiamondVee and Diamond Steel knife sharpener on kitchen knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, etc.

A diamond knife sharpener is almost a requirement to cut and finish today's high-tech, high-chrome blade steels that can easily reach 60-62 Rockwell. If you have had a hard time sharpening stainless steel, and are currently using Arkansas or similar stones, switching to a diamond knife sharpener may solve your problem.