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GATCO Knife Sharpener - Edgemate, Diamond, Professional, and Clamp Mount

GATCO (Great American Tool Company) Sharpening Systems are designed to sharpen all types and sizes of knives and kitchen cutlery. A GATCO knife sharpening system offers six angle choices, instead of five; the sharpening hones have a wider surface area than those of their competitors; and the self aligning guide rods are integral-sliding in for storage and out for use.

The core of the GATCO knife sharpening system is the knife clamp/angle guide unit. This precision guide has easily adjustable finger screws (eliminating the need for a screwdriver), and choice of 11, 15, 19, 22, 25, and 29 degree angle settings (see guidelines below) for the honing stone. The honing stone guide insures an exact stone to blade angle-taking the guesswork out of knife sharpening. The knife clamp/honing stone guide unit is easily utilized by holding it in your hand: optional clamp mount is available-sold separately.

Each GATCO knife sharpener system comes with an assortment of knife sharpening hones, the knife clamp/angle guide with 6 settings, a bottle of highly refined honing oil, and a custom molded case with instructions permanently attached inside the lid.

GATCO Sharpening Angle Guidelines

The 11 degree angle produces an extremely sharp, but delicate razor sharp edge. This severe angle is recommended for Xactoâ blades and razor blades that require frequent resharpening.

The 15 degree angle produces a superior sharp edge on thin specialty blades and woodcarving tools.

The 19 degree angle produces a fine edge that is excellent for fillet knives and boning knives.

The 22 degree angle is ideal for kitchen cutlery and high quality knives.

The 29 degree angle is recommended for knives that see heavy duty use, such as electrician's knives, carpet and linoleum knives, and is also used to sharpen serrated blades.
GATCO Knife Sharpener: GATCO Backpacker Sharpening System, GA-10002
$26.97 SALE PRICE!
GATCO Backpacker Sharpening System with coarse and medium hones, nylon storage pouch.

GATCO Edgemate Knife Sharpening System, GA-10003
$28.97 SALE PRICE!
GATCO 3 stone sharpening kit

GATCO Diamond Knife Sharpening System, GA-10004
$65.97 SALE PRICE!
GATCO diamond sharpening kit

GATCO Professional Knife Sharpening System, GA-10005
$39.97 SALE PRICE!
GATCO 5 stone basic sharpening kit

GA-10006-small.jpg GATCO Knife Sharpening System, Ultimate Diamond, GA-10006
$77.97 SALE PRICE!
GATCO Ultimate Diamond Knife Sharpening System, 3 diamond hones, ceramic serration and finishing hones.

GATCO Easy-Grip Clamp Mount, GA-12001
GATCO Plastic upgrade stand

GATCO Knife Sharpener: GATCO Knife Sharpener Storage Case Only, GA-17001
GATCO Knife Sharpener, GATCO Knife Sharpener Storage Case Only with molded slots for components.

GATCO Knife Sharpener: GATCO Knife Clamp/Honing Guide Only, GA-17002
GATCO Knife Sharpener, GATCO Knife Clamp/Honing Guide Only, for GATCO Knife Sharpener Systems.

GATCO Knife Sharpener: GATCO Thumb Screws Only, GA-17003
GATCO Knife Sharpener, GATCO Thumb Screws Only, package of 2 thumb screws for GATCO Knife Sharpener Systems.

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