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Columbia River Knife and Tool: CRKT Elishewitz and Van Hoy Designs

The CRKT Elishewitz designs include the E-Lock and Rollock. The CRKT Van Hoy design is the R.S.L. Snap Lock.

Mr. Allen Elishewitz and Mr. Ed Van Hoy are two of the many custom knifemakers who have worked hand in hand with Columbia River Knife and Tool to translate their creative and innovative designs into affordable production knives.

Mr. Elishewitz is an acclaimed young custom knifemaker, whose studio is in New Braunfels, Texas. Self taught and blessed with an inquiring mind, Mr. Elishewitz has designed a wide range of defense and utility knives. He became the youngest member of the Knifemaker's Guild in 1994. He is also a member of the Italian Guild and the American Bladesmith Society. Allen Elishewitz is the designer of the CRKT Rollock and E-Lock series.

Mr. Van Hoy has been making custom knives since 1975, specializing in folding and fixed blade Damascus designs. His home and studio are in Abington, Virginia. Mr. Van Hoy is a member of the North Carolina Knifemaker's Guild and a voting member of the American Knifemaker's Guild. He received a degree in the art of metal engraving from Montgomery Community College. Ed Van Hoy's award winning custom Snap Lock was the inspiration for the CRKT production R.S.L. Snap Lock.
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